DIY Candles

I’ve been wanting to make my own candles for a while now and what better excuse than Christmas to finally make some? I did a little research, mostly on Pinterest, to figure out exactly how to do it and then I looked into what type of wax I wanted to get. I suggest reading up on this a bit because even though I knew I wanted clean burning soy wax there are a lot of different variations.


For this DIY project I went to my old friend Amazon for my supplies.

The wax I decided on is slow burning and comes in a 5 lb bag.



For the wicks I went with a clean burning cotton wick found below.



Clean scents, especially citrus, are my personal favs so I bought P&J Clean Collection Essential Oils. They’re awesome! I knew I would love the lemon, grapefruit, and orange, but the fresh-cut grass is amazing and the eucalyptus is perfect for winter. Plus I know tons of people who love that clean cotton smell 🙂 Basically you can’t go wrong with this pack, they’re all good!




I knew I wanted to do several candles at a time got the 4 lb pouring pot. This thing was well worth purchasing because it made the process a breeze.



I wanted simple jars and when I found these really liked the size as well as the vintage inspired look. They worked perfectly too! I found these at Wal-mart for $8. They’re called Anchorglass Mason jars and they’re 8 oz.


Making the Candles

Before I heated the wax I wrapped the wicks around pencils to keep them centered. Then I lined up the jars to make pouring easy. I also planned which jars/how many would have what scent and set that scent beside them.


Like I said this wax pouring container made the process so easy because you simple add wax to it and put it directly on the burner. I filled the container around 3/4 full of the soy wax chips and it melted down to about half that.


After the wax is completely melted, which took around 5 minutes, you pour it into the desired amount into the jars. Then I added between 5-10 drops of the oil to each jar. I had to repeat this entire melting process 3 times to fill all 12 jars. After all the jars were full and the oil was added I carefully repositioned the wicks to make sure they were centered.


As they harder they turn white. In a couple of hours they were solid white and I cut the wicks and put the lids on them. They all smell AMAZING and look great too! I ended up with just a little bit of wax left so that means I was able to fill 12, 8 oz jars with a 5 lb bag of the soy wax. It cost about $50 to get started but the pouring pot lasts forever, I feel like the oils will make a TON more, and I still have 88 wicks lol. So he only thing I’ll have to buy for a while will be the wax and the containers. For me the fun of making them was well worth it and I know I’ll be doing it again!


A couple of days later I found these adorable labels to put on the top of them on Pinterest.



Here’s a closeup of the site you can find them 🙂

I cut out the labels and wrote in the fragrance of each candle on the first line, added some cute Christmas string and tada! Adorable DIY Christmas candle gifts! I can’t wait to share these with people!



Hope y’all enjoy making some of your own DIY Christmas gifts this year! Homemade gifts are the sweetest!

Happy Holidays!


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