5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

Hi there!

In this post I’ll be sharing 5 simple ways to welcome spring! But first I want to welcome YOU!

If you’re coming from another blogger’s spring inspired article then you already know about all the fun of this blog hop! If you’re just joining in then I’m so glad you made it! Grab a coffee (or glass of wine 😉) and get comfy because my blogger buddies and I have teamed up to bring ya all kinds of awesome ideas for spring! I linked them for ya at the bottom!

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5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

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Welcoming Spring in the Living Room

I’ll be using our living room to share 5 simple ways I welcome spring using things you may already have on hand. But I also had to share the view as you walk into the living room since I styled these peg rail shelves for spring 😉

DIY Peg Rail Shelves Linked Here

Mural Wallpaper Linked Here

5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

1. Plants

I was so grateful to have caught a sunny day to shoot this room! After all sunshine is a main ingredient for spring! 😉 Plus I need it for the first way I like welcome spring – PLANTS! Spring makes me think of plants! I’m by no means a plant expert, but I sure love having them around! And it seems the more I get the more I want! Lol!

As I shared in the article I wrote about these boxwood topiary I recently added to this room, green just feels good! The plant on the table is called baby tears and it’s definitely an easy to care for choice too! And so does getting your hands in a little dirt! If you already have some plants maybe you can repot them into a bigger or different planter! Or maybe you could propagate them! If not get out, and go to a local greenhouse and grab a couple! I swear it’s great way to beat those pesky winter blues and usher in spring – even a few weeks ahead! 😉


5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring plants

2. Scent

I love to set the mood for the season by switching out my candles! I’m obsessed with Antique Candle Co new Mango Citrus scent! I also love their Clean Cotton and Sweet Lemon for this time of the year…and the rest of it too lol! Spring makes me think of clean, fresh scents!

You can shop them HERE!

3. Textiles

I’m talkin throw pillows and linens! One of my favorite things I added to the room is the table throw. I wanted to really ground the other items on the coffee table with a fabric that was neutral, but patterned. And let me tell you a secret – it’s just a random yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby that I folded up! Super inexpensive and endless possibilities!

The other cutie textile I added was this sweet goat pillow! Because when I think of spring, farm babes are quick to follow! And doesn’t that face make you smile?!

You can find that sweet goat pillow right HERE!

And you can find a link to our braided jute rug HERE!

You can also find a link for the vintage laundry hamper/blanket basket like mine HERE!

5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring pillows

4. Spring Inspired Art

I also carried that farm babes vibe into some art I hung! I may have decided to hang it in time for spring but it won’t just be enjoyed in this season! 😉 However, I do love to swap out art as I feel it lends itself to the look or feel I’m trying to create.

And a couple great and inexpensive ways to do so are shopping thrift stores, antique stores, and prints on Etsy. Shops there have tons to choose from that you can print off at home! Or I always shop my home and see if something you have in a different space might feel fresh and spring-y in a new place!

I also love this art option, which you can find it HERE!

But this one might be my fav! And I’m linking it HERE!

5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring art

5. Baskets

You might have noticed I added several baskets to this room. Again baskets are something I love to incorporate all year long. But something about them feels especially at home in the spring and even summer! Maybe because I imagine them full of flowers and fruits! 

The other awesome thing about baskets is that they’re super functional too! Perfect for storing pillows, blankets, magazines, and books! Y’all know how I love things that are both pretty and functional so baskets for the win! 

5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring baskets

5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

I hope you enjoyed these 5 simple ways to welcome spring into your home! I also hope it shows that you don’t have to break the bank or completely change out a room to decorate for the new season. What does spring time make you think about? Make a little list of a few things that come to mind and go from there! I bet you have some things in your home that are just waiting to be brought out for the new season! 

So are you as excited about spring as I am?! I’m patiently (or not so patiently lol) waiting on the arrival of our first spring farm babes here at Midcounty Farm! We’ll be picking them up in May and I have a feeling y’all are absolutely going to fall in love with them! 

Now head on over to those blogger buddies’ posts linked below for SO much more springtime fun! 

I’m thrilled to be joining in today as 28 talented bloggers bring you the best of spring for all throughout the home! Please continue along this inspiring tour, and visit the other participants in each of the following categories.
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