7 Everyday Makeup Products I’m Loving Right Now

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I get lots of questions on Instagram about my makeup and face routine so I thought I would start by sharing 7 everyday makeup products I’m loving right now!

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1. Moisturizer

I start my morning routine with this moisturizer found HERE or below. This is still new and seems crazy to me lol! I’ve always had oily skin and needed to wash my face twice daily just to keep it in check. But about 6 months ago or so I noticed my skin started changing to more of combination oily and dry. I use a different skin care line at night but I love this one for moorings because it’s light and has great benefits.

2. Primer

I’m sure there are more expensive and possibly better primers than this one HERE but I love it so I haven’t looked! I started using it about a year ago and it really helps my skin to look smooth and even especially around my nose where I have bigger pores.

3. Foundation

I LOVE It Cosmetics! Serioulsy everything I’ve used by them has been awesome! I think what I love is their natural looking approach. My mom was never one to wear a ton of makeup and taught beauty comes from within. But if you want to wear makeup it should be to enhance your features and look natural.

To me this foundation HERE is more of a medium coverage but that’s perfect to me! I never want my makeup to look heavy or create what I call makeup face

4. Concealer

Tarte Shape Tape HERE is the best concealer! Seriously! I was skeptical because of the price but it’s amazing it lasts forever! I know they say to throw out makeup after six months blah blah lol but I just finally used up my last tube after 2 1/2 years of almost everyday wear. I put it under my eyes and on any color imperfections or blemishes.

 7 Everyday Makeup Products I'm Loving Right Now

Bonus Product! Beauty Blender

And to blend everything in I use these beauty blenders HERE! I’ve tried more expense brands but swear these are better than anything else I’ve personally tried and their price is amazing!

5. Eyebrows

After I have everything else blended then I fill in a shape my brows with this Anastasia Brow Pomade HERE. I’ve only been using this product for a couple months after always using a pencil , but at this point I don’t know if I would switch back. So if you don’t fill in your brows then you may not know what you’re missing 😉 jk but honestly, aside from mascara, it’s my next “wouldn’t want to leave the house without it” product. Eyebrows make such a difference! After years of overplucking and waxing mine have finally filled in…mostly lol!  I apply it with an eyebrow brush from Ulta.

6. Mascara

Speaking of mascara I’m a pretty huge fan of this Too Faced option, which you can find HERE. And like I mentioned if I was in a rush and only had time for one product this would be it! I try to catch it on sale but again it does las a long time.

7. Blush

Lastly I like a soft blush. I think it really helps create that fresh faced look and adds a bit of color. I prefer the one linked HERE or I also like their Pink Me Up.


7 Everyday Makeup Products I'm Loving Right Now

7 Everyday Makeup Products I’m Loving Right Now

And those are 7 everyday makeup products I’m loving right now! As I was writing this I was thinking this still seems like a lot of products but each one is awesome and serves a purpose. And together they create a natural, light, fresh faced look! I hope you enjoyed this somewhat out of the box article – not a beauty blogger here lol but it was super fun to share!

Have a great day friend!


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