A Farewell to 2019

Hello friend!

The end of the year always has me reflecting on the past year and looking to the year ahead. So first and foremost I want to say thank you! Thank you for being here! For subscribing to and visiting the blog, but mostly for being on this journey with us! Trust me it’s way more fun with you along! Otherwise I’m just yammering on into vast depths of the internet lol!

But for real, I can never say thank you enough because you are the reason I’m able to do this! Sharing what I’m passionate about has become an incredible new passion that I can’t imagine life without! And I’m grateful for that everyday!

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2019 at a Glance

For us as a family 2019 was one of obstacles and change. For me it was a year of both personal and professional growth. It’s funny how things do start changing once you get out of you get out of your own way, actively pursue bettering your life, and pursuing your dreams! 😉

Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator

It Starts with Health

I made some pretty serious health and lifestyle changes, which I will be tweaking and continuing in 2020, because I’ve never felt better and I believe they are why everything else has been possible! I’ll be sharing those later this week as we welcome the new year! But you can read some of those changes HERE.

Farm Friday Weekly Update 2

Farm Friday Weekly Update 2

2019 Peaks and Valleys

We lost some people we love this year. We gained some people we love this year plus our puppy dog Scout. Also we finished renovations at our last home and I sold it. Much respect to realtors! Shew! And we started a YouTube channel! I also had the privilege to work with some amazing companies in 2019! Oh and we bought a small fixer upper farm no big deal! Haha!

Since living on the farm our family has grown by three kitties who are just the sweetest! And 6 months in we are still focusing on those high priority/necessary projects. Like just this past weekend Ed put up gutters. Gutters are important y’all! Haha! Anyway, we are taking our time, enjoying the process, and figuring out what we need and want from each space.

Top 3 Moments from 2019

  1. The moment when we were done signing the paperwork for the farm and we hugged the previous owners who we’ve known for 27 years. It was an emotional moment!
  2. Waking up here after our first night
  3. And it’s a tie between each time our friends and family have come out to visit and that time Ed fell through the ceiling lol! Seriously though we love having our people visit and hope to make this a home everyone can enjoy! But also the ceiling thing was pretty memorable! Ha!

Looking Ahead

Lately we’ve spent some time planning out upcoming projects and mapping out what this next year will hold for the blog too. We definitely have some awesome changes and exciting things coming your way! And we’ll be working even harder to bring you more content and keep you more in the know about everything we’re doing here at the farm!

A Farewell to 2019

I can’t wait to share some of the details that 2020 has in store, but think I’ll go ahead and save that for next year! 😉 Yeah that was a major dad joke haha sorry about that! What were your top 3 moments of 2019?

Talk to ya next year! (okay I’ll stop now ha!) Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Farewell 2019!




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