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A Guide to Creating Spaces Part 1 Inspiration 

Hello friend!

So glad you stopped by the blog today! I’ve teamed up with some of my blogger buddies to bring you the series A Guide to Creating Spaces. In this series I will break down how I approach decorating any space and I’ll be using our living room as an example. Likewise my 4 blogger buddies will be sharing all their tips and tricks too! You’ll find them linked at the bottom of this article!

A Guide to Creating Spaces Part 1 Inspiration 

Step 1: Inspiration

This article will be focusing on how to find inspiration to start decorating a space. First of all when I think about how to start decorating a space I think about how I want the space to feel. What are you inspired by? I always tell people when they aren’t sure where to start they should jump on Pinterest and start pinning!

What’s Your Style?

Do you like modern design? Boho? Farmhouse? Coastal? If you know what style you like or are drawn to that’s a great place to start looking for inspiration! Pinterest is a search engine so, for example if you know you love bohemian style, search boho living rooms, boho furniture, boho homes, boho rugs, boho decor and you’ll have instant inspo at your finger tips! Also, don’t feel boxed into one specific style. If you have more than one that your drawn to that okay! Bring components of each into your space!

Another Way to Search

However, if you don’t know what you like look up more general terms for your space like living room decor, furniture,  window treatments etc. Maybe there’s a color palette you love, try searching that. Example blue and grey living room etc. Then start pinning what you love!

After Pinning

Then, after you have a few pinned look for patterns in your choices or decide which you love the most. What aspects of each inspiration pic do you know you want in your home? Now you can cherry pick specific colors, decor, or furniture pieces from the styles that you’ve chosen and incorporate them into your space.

A Guide to Creating Spaces Part 1 Inspiration 

A Guide to Creating Spaces Part 1 Inspiration 

In conclusion, once you have some inspiration direction for your space everything else will start falling into place! I love and appreciate just about all design styles, BUT I also know what I want for our home.

I’m drawn to a neutral and light color scheme. I want our home to feel both airy and cozy. And I love both farmhouse and cottage styles and everything vintage! If you follow me on Pinterest to see how I use the app and what’s inspiring me. 🙂

Happy Pinning! Next week I’ll be sharing part 2 the Realization part of decorating a space! Stay tuned! 😉


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