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Antique Brass Lamps

Hey there!

I’ve been incorporating some antique brass lamps in our home and love the warmth and beauty they bring to each room! I wanted to share how I’ve styled the ones I’ve gotten so far, and also some other options in case you’d like to add them into your spaces too!

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Antique Brass Lamps

Antique Brass Lamps

Mixing finishes or metals in your home creates a collected yet cohesive feel. For lighting in our home I’ll *mostly* be using variations of brass, particularly antique brass, and black. I’ve been seeing a lot of brass in design lately too, which is fun! Even if it’s trendy it’s also a classic, so win-win! 🙂

I found this brass lamp for our living room at a local antique shop. It’s a much better fit both in size and style than the pottery lamp I had here before. I did however, keep the lamp shade. I choose a black chandelier for this room so a lamp is an easy way to bring in some gold and keep the balance of warm and cool tones.

Linking our living room rug HERE!

Antique Brass Lamps

Antique Brass Lamps

Brass Table Lamp Options

I had so much fun searching for more brass lamps online! You’ll be seeing some of these pop up around our home for sure! I tried to find a variety of styles and price points. Although you’ll mostly see me choosing vintage inspired everything haha I also do love a modern touch here and there like 8 and 10 😉

Options 1, 2, 3, 7, 11, and 12 are the closest to the style of lamp I found. I need the number 5 swivel lamp somewhere! It’s so cute! I thought 6 was really cool and if you want to throw it way back grab a 9!

The photos are linked and I linked them below as well!

  1. lamp one // 2. lamp two // 3. lamp three // 4. lamp four // 5. lamp five // 6. lamp six // 7. lamp seven // 8. lamp eight // 9. lamp nine // 10. lamp ten // 11. lamp eleven // 12. lamp twelve


Antique Brass Lamp Options

And then of course I had to hunt some oldies down too! Sometimes you can’t beat the authentic vintage/antique look if that’s what you’re after 🙂 I love the milk glass shade on number 5! Remember these are one of a kind finds from Etsy so once they’re gone that’s it!

  1. vintage lamp one // 2. vintage lamp two // 3. vintage lamp three // 4. vintage lamp four // 5. vintage lamp five


Antique Brass Lamps

Brass Wall Lamps

I had mentioned I might add a modern touch here and there. These brass swivel lamps in our bedroom are just that, and I love how they look! These are the number 2 option however, if I’m being really honest I wish I had gotten the number 8 from Home Depot but my budget didn’t allow at the time.

I was originally inspired by a Foundry lighting option I came across and have been drooling over for years. The ones from Home Depot were close, but still too much moolah haha! If you ever see Foundry lighting in our house just know I might need resuscitation lol! I am still really happy with the look of these though…for now 😉

Oh and can we talk about that precious little flower wall light?! It’s a vintage beauty!

  1. wall light one // 2. wall light two // 3. wall light three // 4. wall light four // 5. wall light five // 6. wall light six // 7. wall light seven // 8. wall light eight


Brass Floor Lamps

During my search I stumbled across some really cool brass floor lamps that were too good not to share! Depending on your space a floor lamp may be exactly what you need! And how cool are those milk glass ones?!

Antique Brass Lamps

Antique Brass Lamps

Antique Brass Lamps

Okay I’m done I swear haha! But I hope you enjoyed looking through them as much as me! Lighting is such an important element in any room, and I hope you feel inspired by these!

You may have also noticed I scored a couple chairs for our bedroom. I’ll be sharing all about them soon!

Sending you all kinds of love!


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