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Antique Style Office Desks

Hey friend!

Even before starting the office renovation I was searching for furnishings for the room. I thought I’d start by sharing some beautiful options I’ve found for the most important piece of any office, the desk. Specifically antique style office desks!

Click HERE to see the office before the renovation!

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Antique VS New Furnishings

If you’re here you probably have share my interest and passion for antiques. I love antiques for a few reasons. I love that they have a history, and then their story becomes part of your home. I’m sure I could spend a day antiquing and easily furnish a room, but as a collector I do love the hunt of specific pieces! I appreciate both intricate woodwork and simple primitive design and personally love bringing those styles together.

However, as much I like antique furniture and decor, but I also do like to incorporate some new pieces too. It’s about a 3:1 ratio antiques vs new. Typically I’ll keep the “new” side of things to textiles such as upholstered furniture, rugs, pillows etc or lighting. But sometimes I’ll bring in something new that has a vintage style, like our farmhouse bed. Or I may modify something new to look older too. Other times I’ll intentionally choose something that’s a bit more modern because after all we’re living in an old home in modern times 😉

I say all this because while looking for desks I’m keeping my options open! I found some great new options as well as some amazing antique ones. I’ll be searching for antiques locally, but I feel so inspired by some of the antique options I found I had to share them! I linked them all below and you might even be surprised by which ones are which!


Antique Style Office Desks

Anyone else really enjoy shopping for or even just looking at furniture? It’s a favorite hobby of mine! Lol! I had so much fun looking for a bunch to share with you! Do you have a favorite?

Although I haven’t picked a desk for sure yet I’ve definitely found some styles that I love! I may do a desk against a wall with some hidden storage and then a writing desk in the middle of the room, depending on what I find. I’ll round up some more office furnishings for ya soon! I’m can’t wait to see how the room comes together!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! Sending love your way!


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