Attainable Health Goals and My Word the New Year 

Hello there!

How’s 2020 treating you so far? I shared a little bit about my/our goals for the new year but I thought I would dive a little deeper and talk about my attainable health goals and my word for the new year!

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Attainable Health Goals and My Word for the New Year

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Word of the Year!

My word of the year is THRIVE! The last couple of years I feel like I’ve been doing the bare minimum to get by. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been working hard juggling life, and multiple jobs, etc. But this year I don’t just want to keep my head above water, or survive I want to THRIVE: grow vigorously: flourish: and prosper! Doesn’t that sound good?!

This word will pertain to all areas of my life, but mostly on a professional level. How do I plan to implement, apply, or live by this word?

  1. Hard work– yep I’m gonna work even harder and stick to those goals and the schedule I’ve created for myself!
  2. Consistency – this is something I struggle with so it’s big one for me and SO key!
  3. And Pushing Myself Out of My Comfort Zone (way out haha!) because if you’re comfortable then you’re not growing!

I believe in the power of setting goals for yourself and then making changes or taking action to actively work towards them. It may be just a word but words are powerful! Of course if I just write down a word with no real meaning or action behind it nothing will happen. But if I can carry this word with me and stick to those plans or goals I’ve set then it can change my life and yours too!

Health and Well-Being

I’ve written about my health goals/achievements HERE but I thought now would be a perfect time to revisit them and give an update. I haven’t weighed myself recently as it was never about that number but focused on overall health and well being. However, I can tell you I’ve almost doubled the weight loss that was mentioned in that previous article. And losing that weight is a BIG part in why I feel SOOOO much better! It’s crazy to imagine carrying around 40 extra pounds with you everyday!

Attainable Health Goals and My Word for the New Year

Diet Breakdown

So how am I doing it? Let me break down a typical diet day for ya. Again I’m not a doctor or health professional this is just what I do!

WATER! I try to drink 100 oz daily because I truly believe it makes ALL the difference in how I feel!

Breakfast = Cup of coffee (splash of vanilla Natural Bliss creamer) and Yeti of water. I aim to drink a 30 oz Yeti before 9am. I’ve never been a breakfast right when you wake up kinda person anyway but I do east a…

Mid-Morning Snack = Around 9-10am I’ll eat a small high protein like almonds and a Babybell cheese or a fruit/veggie smoothie like a Green Machine by Naked. I like to mix it up from day to day or every couple so I don’t get bored. There are other benefits to waiting to eat until later in the morning aka intermittent fasting, which I think has been a big part of my weight loss. Something interesting I have found is that when I eat less I actually feel better!

Lunch = I eat lunch around noon and it’s usually protein rich again. We meal prep and usually will make some kind of animal protein such as palm sized hamburger patties, a chuck roast, or salmon or tuna. I usually add a handful of nuts or seeds or baked chickpeas are a fav!

Dinner = I eat dinner late 7:30pm-ish and it’s my biggest meal. I’ve read in some places not to do this but it’s what has worked for me and our lifestyle. I eat a salad almost every single night and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to it! No seriously I do! I crave that salad more than anything haha!

Here are some toppings I alternate: an animal protein of some kind (see those listed above), sweet peppers, mushrooms, chickpeas, bean trio (black beans, red beans, pinto beans), sunflower seeds, roasted almonds, a small avocado, cheese, all over a bed of baby spinach and/or romaine lettuce. And I usually use a vinegar and oil dressing like Hendricksons or Olive Garden.

It’s been hard not to slip back into old eating habits- primarily sugar related ones during the holidays – but I’m getting back on track and staying extra disciplined this year! Generally I’m just trying to eat things that grow! Or that have as few ingredients as possible! BUT I’ll still be having 1 cheat meal a week 😉 I also want to lean a bit more towards plant based proteins and see how I feel.  I’ll let ya know!

Attainable Health Goals and My Word for the New Year meal

Other Health Support

I do also take some daily vitamins and supplements that I’ve found to make such a difference in how I feel alongside the other health changes. Before dinner I take the 1 daily multi vitamin2 elderberry gummies, and 3 of these collagen pills (ALL LINKED BELOW TOO) .

Tractor SupplyMultivitamin

My doctor recommended these multivitamins a couple years ago, and I can tell if I’ve missed a couple days based on my energy level.

Immune Support

I started taking the elderberry immune support gummies last year when I was getting sick often, and (knock on wood) I’ve been much healthier since!

Collagen Supplement

Someone on Instagram recommended this collagen supplement and my hair and nails grow so fast and my hair and skin look so much healthier! But I actually started taking them because my mom now is having some joint issues like my grandma so I’m trying to help keep my joints nice and lubricated!

When we moved to the farm I ran out for a month before I bought more and within that time my knees started making that awful crunching noise when I knelt down again. I started taking them and it went away just like it did the first time! Believer over here!  Haha!

Exercise Goals

Exercise isn’t something that I’ve made part of my daily routine yet, but plan to this year. I don’t mean going to the gym everyday but instead doing 15-20 minutes of stretching/yoga  in the mornings and evenings.

I want to tone everything up, but also to keep those joints a movin! And I walk with our fur babes around the property almost everyday anyway so I want to continue that because honestly nothing is better for the soul than being outside!

That’s it! Simple changes, but I have a feeling they’ll make a big impact!

Attainable Health Goals and My Word for the New Year

Attainable Health Goals for the New Year Plus a New Word

I feel like that was a lot of information for attainable health goals for the new year plus a new word! And I’m sure I still forgot some stuff haha! So feel free to ask me any questions you might have in the comments! And I’d love to know your word of the year if you have one!

Hope your year is off to an amazing start!



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