Barn Stable Reveal: Lambs Included!

Hello there!

It’s time for the barn stable reveal: lambs included because what’s a stable without farm animals?

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Fixing Up the Barn

We’ve been working on getting the barn and pasture ready for our lambs over the last few weeks and it’s come a long way!

You can find the article where I shared the new Ag Lime flooring and exact windows we used HERE!

First we cleaned it up. You can see the ‘Before’ picture below. Then we replaced 7 windows on this section of the barn and have 6 more to go to finish it. And as I mentioned above we put in a new Ag Lime floor. We also repaired a hole in one of the interior walls using wood we found on the property that happened to be almost a perfect match!

Barn Stable Reveal: Lambs Included!

Finishing Touches

I added an old metal dresser for storage and a workspace. And I found this food container on Amazon. It holds 40lbs, screws tight, and comes with a scoop for their grain. I plan on ordering a couple more for the other animals because they’re stackable.

They also needed a little grain feeder, which we got from Tractor Supply and we already had a  water trough on hand. Then I added a chalkboard for fun but also to be able to write things down in the future. And that little stool is for me, although I’ve caught them jumping and playing on it! Then lastly we added our Babydoll lambs! 😉

If you haven’t met our sweet Babydolls you find them here!  

Barn Stable Reveal: Lambs Included!


Barn Stable Reveal: Lambs Included!


Barn Stable Reveal: Lambs Included!

Barn Stable Reveal: Lambs Included!

I’m so pleased with the outcome of the barn! We worked our booties off and it came a long way in a short amount of time! The lambs have a safe and happy place to call home and that was the main goal!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

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