BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Midcounty Market is OPEN!

Hey y’all!

I have been waiting for this day for weeks!! Well actually longer than that! Before we moved to the farm I had tucked away a few vintage items that I had purchased to sell here on the blog. Right before I figured how to set all that up things started happening with the farm so I never moved forward with it but it’s always been in the back of my head.

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Also around the time I started the blog Ed and I almost opened a brick and mortar shop. We had done vintage markets for awhile and I loved it! But the timing didn’t feel right and I really wanted to see where this blog thing would take me 😉

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Midcounty Market is OPEN!

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Midcounty Market is Open!

Anywho fast forward a year now at the farm and my camera and phone are FULL of sheep pictures haha! No one is surprised right?! I mean have you seen our sheep?! Lol! They’re just pure sweetness and I’m so happy to be able to share them here and on Instagram! And I love that y’all love them along with us!

So I started thinking about creative and fun ways to generate income as a new entrepreneur. And a few weeks ago after reading one of the many messages I get from y’all daily about how much peace and joy the sheep have brought you especially in during this difficult time, it hit me SHEEP PRINTS! Who needs a brick and mortar shop when I already have an online one at my fingertips…literally lol!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Midcounty Market is OPEN!

Sheep Prints!

I started going out and taking even more pics of our sheep until I had a few that I felt were really special. I wanted  the print collection to be more catered to your specific style so I custom edited each photo in 3 variations. They are each offered in Full Color, Muted Color, and my personal favorite Vintage Sepia.

I’m launching 5 different downloadable prints each available in those 3 color options now and 5 more to follow soon! You can purchase each photo to download and print at home or in a store, totally up to you! I printed every print on our home printer (which isn’t fancy) as 8x10s and they look great!

You can check them all out HERE on the Midcounty Market Page,

which you can also locate on the menu bar!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Midcounty Market is OPEN!

Now Our Sheep Can Be a Part of YOUR Home!

Each print is only $5.00 via PayPal! And ALL of the proceeds will go directly to the restoration of our farmhouse! I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited and just a bit nervous too, my hands are sweating as I type this lol! I hope you LOVE them! I told Ed the other day after receiving so many messages of concern during our scare with Griffin I realized these sheep belong to you too 🙂 and now you get to have them at your house!!!

Sheep gallery wall coming soon! Whoop! 😉

Ps. I also still have all those vintage items and wouldn’t be surprised if they found they way to Midcounty Market soon too! 😉

Thank you SO much for your support! It means more than you could possibly know! And I truly hope these prints bring you joy from our farm to your home!

Much love friend!

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