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DIY Reclaimed Beadboard Wall Hi there! I'm excited to share some more wall progress with y'all! I you missed how I built the wall frame you can check that out HERE! But today it's all about this DIY reclaimed beadboard wall! I wanted this side of the wall to look and feel as close to the rest of the original upstairs as possible. Since the entire upstairs is wall-to-wall-to-ceiling beadboard it was kind of a no brainer that's what I'd be using ;) *This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on these links and purchase something, I make a commission at no additional cost to you.  This helps to support my blog, so thank you SO much!* Beadboard Video You can watch a time-lapse of me installing the beadboard below! Yo Using Reclaimed Materials I've been trying to incorporate reclaimed materials as often as possible. You just honestly can't beat the real deal look and quality. I mean we literally don't make things they way we used to, and shouldn't, which is another awesome eco-friendly aspect of using architectural salvage. I also want to note that with the costs of building materials nowadays sometimes it makes sense budget wise if you have time to shop around for a reclaimed deal too. I've found the Facebook Marketplace can be a good source. I was fortunate enough to track down enough reclaimed beadboard to do the wall for slightly less than buying new and it's exactly the same as what's throughout our upstairs :) Installing the Reclaimed Beadboard The outside of the wall faces the new landing area and creates a hallway between the rooms. I decided to remove the existing beadboard from the angled part of the ceiling so that it would look seamless. As always, it was interesting to get a peek into the wall and see how this old farmhouse was constructed. I started at the top as close to the ceiling as possible, and worked my way down from there. The beadboard is tongue and groove, but because it was taken out of another home some of the tongues were broken off. This didn't make it more difficult to install but left some bigger gaps in between some of the boards. I used a finish nailer and 2 inch 18 gauge nails to attach them.  Installing the Beadboard I worked my way around the outside of the wall installing the beadboard. I cut it close enough to the door frames that I knew it would be covered by the moulding, and close enough to the floor that baseboards would cover it. The longest wall was the most challenging because the boards were over 12 ft long. That's a lot of length to get into the groove for one person who's 5'2 lol! It required a lot of pushing against them and tapping underneath to get each one into place while also nailing them with one hand.  The other biggest challenge of this project, like all the others lol, is that the house isn't square, level, plumb etc. So I had to measure every single section before cutting the board to fit. It took awhile, but I got it done and it was worth it! Painting the Beadboard Wall I used Zinsser B-I-N Advanced Primer to prevent any leaching or bleed through of chemicals from the reclaimed beadboard. After 2 coats of that I gave the wall 2 additional coats of Behr's Scuff Defense Ultra Pure White in matte finish. You can watch me paint it below! More Plans for the Landing I'll be building built in storage along the entire length of this wall to really make the most of the landing and add lots of additional storage. This will be a project I circle back to down the road a bit when some higher priority renovations have been crossed off the list. But I'm really excited about it!! DIY Beadboard Wall I love how this reclaimed beadboard wall turned out! I was worried the upstairs would feel smaller, but oddly enough it doesn't. The landing is still nice and big and the bedroom feels like it's always been there! You could see light coming through the wall until it was finished on the other side, which I'll be sharing with you soon! But you can watch progress daily on Instagram @midcounty_journal. I'm hoping to wrap the bedroom up this week just in time for our first guests to stay with us for Christmas!  I hope you have a wonderful week and the happiest of holidays! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!  

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