Creating a Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen

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So we did a thing lol! We had this awkward cabinetry in our kitchen that was installed by the previous owner along with the rest of the kitchen cabinets. It has ALWAYS bothered me! Like big time lol! Until I was finally just ready to rip em out and start creating a farmhouse eat in kitchen!

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Removing the Cabinets

While these cabinets obviously provided some storage we really only used them for those one in awhile kitchen appliances and things we would need when hosting. So it was no biggie to find new spots for everything. The main reason I wanted to remove them is because they literally blocked part of the windows.

They weren’t standard cabinet height either and awkwardly butted up against the corner cabinet. But back to the window thing because the windows are why we’re here! Well all the original architectural features of this 140+ year old farmhouse are why we’re here! And so are the views outside! 😉

Creating a Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen

Creating a Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen

Eat In Kitchen with a View

The cabinets were actually really difficult to remove! But we finally got them out! I’ve been dreaming of creating a little eat in kitchen area here since before we moved in! I would always tell Ed, “Then we’ll each have our own window to look out as we drink our coffee!” and now we do! AND now we can replace the farmhouse window moldings and headers! Whoo hoo!

Unfortunately the previous owner got rid of all the original pieces, but Ed has a plan! 😉

Creating a Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen

Creating a Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen

More to Do in the Kitchen

Of course there is a lot more to do here before we can finish it out. We’re actually going to remove the drywall from this wall. The previous owner didn’t take off the door moldings, but instead just drywalled up to them. This has meant that the molding around the door is flush with the wall, which obviously is wrong. Again we want to always put the focus on those original character details of the house.

We’ll also be removing the drywall so we can insulate this wall better. The farmhouse actually has brick insulation. Between all the studs in the walls are bricks. Brick is actually one of the least efficient types of insulation, and we want the house to be as efficient as possible. There are a lot of routes we could take depending on what we actually find when we get in there. I’ll keep ya updated!

And More

Either way though, this wall as well as the rest of the kitchen will be getting a different wall treatment anyway too, which is another reason we’ll be removing the drywall. Lastly, all of this will have to wait until we figure out the flooring situation lol! It always comes back to that right! Renovating an old house is like building one completely out for order lol! But I just know it’s going to be beautiful and worth the wait to see my vision for this space come to life!

Creating a Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen

Creating a Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen

However, I DO NOT believe in waiting until things are finished before enjoying them! If we did that life would be pretty miserable in a fixer upper! Believe me it’s a lesson that we learned in our last one! 😉 We’ve enjoyed this eat in kitchen area and it’s views every single day! And we’ll continue to do so until it’s “finished” 😉 I encourage you to enjoy the home you have right now too friend!

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