DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

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I hope this finds you well! I can’t believe we’re gearing up for the holiday season already! Anyone else feel like this year is flying by?! But don’t worry I’ll still be focusing on projects and renovations around here too! Gotta keep the fixer upper train a chuggin, right? So today I’m excited to share the progress I’ve made upstairs with this DIY farmhouse loft renovation!

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DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

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Loft Before Before Pictures

Nope that’s not a typo 😉 Above are some of the very first pictures I took of the room before we moved in. The loft is located at the top of the stairs and is a fairly large room. It’s gotten worked on a little bit at a time until recently when I finally dove in!

There was a laminate flooring on top of the hardwood floors. I pulled it up prior to renting the floor sander for our bedroom, and sanded the floors throughout the upstairs at that time.

You can read all about sanding the floors HERE!

We also removed the wall at the top of the landing when we started on the staircase awhile back.

You can check out the staircase rebuild HERE!

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

Loft Before Pictures and Jumping into the Renovation

Above are views of what the room looked like before I got started in it again. This room was very similar to ours in regards to what needed to be done.

You can check out our bedroom renovation HERE!

Tractor SupplyFilling Holes and Gaps

Getting the room sealed up was first on the list. I went through and filled in the holes in the wall that were left from the previous owner pumping in insulation, which you can see below. There were several other holes and gaps to be filled as well. I filled the bigger ones with wood filler and the smaller gaps/cracks around the windows with caulk.

Exposed Chimney

I exposed the chimney next because I wanted to get the big messes out of the way. I did it the same way I did the one in our bedroom.

You can see how I exposed the chimney HERE!

Below you can also see where the staircase is located below. We will be hiding/relocating the visible wiring as we continue to work on the staircase. We’ll also be adding a new railing and spindles on the opposite side that will wrap around and meet the wall.

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

The Loft Floors

After sanding all the filled in holes and exposing the chimney, I started to work on the floors. Because they’re very old there were some low spots the drum sander didn’t reach in the center. I also had to sand all along the edges of the room where it didn’t get close to the wall. I used a hand sander where I could. After sanding them nice and smooth I scraped out 140 years of gunk that had settled between the boards…fun times! Lol! Then I sealed them with Rust-Oleum Parks Pro Finish and I love the results!


Painting the Loft

After the floors were done I sealed the gap underneath the baseboards with foam sealant. Then I installed a wide quarter round to fill the gap. Next it was onto painting. Why didn’t I paint first? Personal preference 😉 Anyway, I used Behr’s Primer and Sealer first because there is oil based paint underneath latex. This causes the paint to chip away in some areas. This primer allows the latex paint to bond to it and keeps things underneath in place.

I painted the whole room, trim and all, in Behr Ultra Pure White Scuff Defense flat finish. I LOVE how the flat paint hides imperfections while showcasing the tongue and groove walls and ceiling.

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

Loft Lighting, Furniture, and Decor

I chose to stick with the same light fixture that we have in our bedroom, which is right next door. You can find it HERE! I also found these antique victorian beds on the Facebook Marketplace. They’re exactly what I wanted in this room! I decided to do a jute oval rug between them. It adds some cozy neutral texture. You can find it HERE!

I’m also obsessed with this ticking striped bedding I got for them!

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

What’s Next for the Loft

Obviously not too many people would feel comfortable sleeping out in the open in a room like this, but why I’ll be changing that very soon! I’m actually going to be building a wall, which will enclose this room and make it a proper bedroom as well as creating a hallway between the three rooms upstairs. I can’t wait to get started and of course I’ll share all the details with you when I do!

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

DIY Farmhouse Loft Renovation

I still have more big plans as the DIY farmhouse loft renovation continues! This soon to be guest room will include wallpaper, more beadboard, furnishings and decor! But mostly I can’t wait to have our first guests stay over! Although I’m sure it’ll be my nephew who may or may not appreciate the work that went into it lol! It will still be fun for this room to have a purpose that can be enjoyed!

Let me know if you have any questions and follow along @midcountyjoural on Instagram for daily updates around the farm!

Thank you SO much for stopping by the blog today! And as I always tell my chickens, be kind and make good choices! 😉

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