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DIY Industrial Open Shelving

 Hello hello!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’ve been waiting to write about our industrial open shelving for what feels like a REALLY long time now! I’ve wanted some type of open shelving since basically the first time I saw it, which was either on IG or Fixe Upper lol! Anyway when we remodeled I had it in my head that I would work some into the design. I was dreaming of how amazing they would look in front of our whitewashed brick backsplash. But then when we took our cabinets down and discovered the brick didn’t go behind the them plans changed. Fear not! When I get something into my head I usually will figure out a way to make it happen. Ed calls this stubborn I like to think of it as something more closely related to gumption 😉

As I was reworking the design we were finishing the walls and I noticed this most perfect space and it was as if it was meant to be!

Plaster, Mud, Repeat: Finishing the Ceiling and Walls


The next time we went to Lowe’s I picked up what I needed for the shelves. I remember this day specifically because as I was looking in the plumbing area for the right, ummm pipes or whatever lol, and I was asked if I needed assistance more than once. Apparently I didn’t look like I knew what I was doing 😉

Of course the length and size you get will depend on your specific wants and needs. The wood I planned on using for my shelves were 1x8s so I got 8 inch long nipple fittings with a 1 inch diameter. Once you know what length you need then you can choose which diameter you like. After that you just have to find the other 2 fittings that go with it.

Anyway here’s some pics and links of what you’ll be looking for.

Black steel nipple fitting

Black iron floor flange fitting – these are what will be attached to the wall

Black iron cap fitting  

Once you find all 3 of your pieces that match up, you need to get however many sets of them that you’ll need. I needed 4 since I planned on 2 shelves that were 4 foot long and would have 2 support pipes under each. Then I bought a can of flat black spray paint. When I got home I laid them all out on cardboard outside and painted them. You can screw the cap fittings onto the nipple fittings before you paint.

I cut a couple 1x8s I had to 4 foot long and stained them with Minwax’s Provincial. Then after everything was dry, with some assistance from Ed, I decided where to place the flange fittings on the wall. I used 1 1/2 inch screws to attach the flange fittings to the wall. After attaching the first flange I used a level to know where the next should go. When the flanges are in place you can screw the nipple fittings to them and set your shelves on top.

I obviously couldn’t wait to decorate them lol!!

Adorable and Functional

The open shelving provide more much needed kitchen storage and I love how they lend to that industrial look! At this point I remember telling Ed I thought they made our home feel so grown up, it was probably the beer and wine glasses lol!

Styling the DIY Industrial Open Shelving 

I love a mix between the farmhouse, cottage, and industrial looks. Farmhouse has such neutral classic aesthetic while cottage elements bring a charm that’s fitting with the architectural style of our home. But I also am drawn to the contrast of the woods and metals in the industrial style. Altogether I think they compliment each other well. Where one is soft and light the other is dark and heavy 🙂

On the shelves I tried to soften the industrial look and create a balance of those styles by adding some softer and visually lighter/brighter objects on top of the shelving.

Below are a BUNCH of shots of what it looks like today 🙂


So it all worked out and we actually ended up gaining cabinet shelving in a way that’s both functional and adds an element of interest to a space that didn’t even exist before we removed the wall. Yay! The cost for this diy project was about $40. Not too shabby 😉 I hope you’re finding ways to fall in love with your home!

Thanks for stopping by our little blog!

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