DIY Peg Rail for Function and Style

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I hope you’re having a great week. I got a bit off schedule after last week and I do apologize for not getting this up for ya sooner! But without further ado here is my DIY peg rail for function and style! Because both are so important in our homes, right?

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DIY Peg Rail for Function and Style

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Function and Style

Since we’re renovating this house on a no-debt budget I have plenty of time to think about what we need and want out of each space. Your home should work for you and be as functional as possible. I’m also keeping this in mind because it’s very true to authentic farmhouse style. Although you know I love to pull in from other styles too 😉

DIY Peg Rail for Function and Style before

The Layout of this Space

When you enter our house from the side door (and only door we currently use) you’ll find yourself in our kitchen. So I wanted to create a designated entryway space that would also still tie in with the fact it’s the kitchen. Adding a DIY peg rail to both sides of the living room doorway does just that.

On the right side of the photos is the door where you come in. On the left side there’s a corner where the unfinished staircase wall meets the peg rail wall. If you look you can see there’s a cutout for a small closet under the stairs. We have some fun plans for this area coming up soon that will make it an even more functional part of the kitchen. To see more of the farmhouse layout check out the before tour HERE!

DIY Peg Rail for Function and Style

DIY Peg Rail for Function and Style

Wall Prep

To get this project started I had to remove the random tongue and groove wood wainscoting that the previous owner had put up. and drywall that section.

DIY Peg Rail for Function and Style

Materials Used

For this DIY peg rail for function and style I purchased two primed 1x4s from Lowes and cut them to the length I needed. I also bought two 1x3s for the shelf part on top. After cutting them to the same length I attached them using a Kregig in the back.


There are lots of options for shaker pegs but I went with THESE screw in kind. First, I measured the board and found the center point both length and width wise. Then I measured out every 5 inches and marked where they would go. Next, I pre-drilled the holes to make putting them in much easier. I also pre-drilled the holes for the wooden button plugs

Peg Rail Finished! Ta-da!

After that I used hung them both up making sure they were level and level to the eye – old house problem haha! Then I painted them and that’s it!

DIY Peg Rail for Function and Style

DIY Peg Rail for Function and Style

This space isn’t finished yet and I can’t wait to show you what else I have planned but it’s come a long way and is definitely much more functional. On one side of the doorway there’s a place to take off your shoes and hang your coat, hat. On the other side is going to be another useful area in our kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed this little project as much as I did and that it may inspire you to make your home better serve you both aesthetically and functionally!


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