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DIY Replacement Windows

Hellos there!

Things have been so busy around here! We’ve been wrapping up projects at this house so we could get it listed and these DIY replacement windows were the last big thing to check off the list!

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Sunroom Windows

We did the first wall of windows awhile back but followed the same steps for the second wall. The sunroom has been my favorite room in this house and while I wish we had gotten it done sooner I’m still grateful I got to enjoy for awhile!

before outside picture

windows before replacement

Getting the Space Ready for Windows

On each wall we removed the yucky existing windows. Then we built up the ledge that the windows would be sitting on to the correct height making sure everything was level. After the opening was ready we starting installing the windows one at a time.

window opening from inside

opening for windows

making everything level

DIY Installing the Windows

We got both the outer windows secured and then placed the middle window in. Ed spaced and secured them using PVC trim/molding.

installing first window

installing the first windows

windows installed

Finishing the Outside Trim

He finished the outside molding first in case of rain and then the next weekend did the inside. Also note this was before we painting the house white! You can find that link HERE!

windows from the outside

Inside Trim

When the outside molding was done Ed finished the drywall below the windows and then the inside trim. The second wall of windows went much smoother and faster after we’d had a bit of experience under our belts!


the first wall completed

the second wall before pic

working on the second wall of windows

the second wall of windows

DIY Replacement Windows


You can see the end results below! We couldn’t be happier with how this sweet room turned out! Nothing beats all that natural lighting! You can also see from the last picture that our outdoor space looks completely different! I’ll be sharing those changes with ya soon! The materials for this project were purchased at Lowe’s. [wysija_form id=”1″]

DIY Replacement Windows

DIY Replacement Windows

DIY Replacement Windows

DIY Replacement Windows

We’re hoping someone else will fall in love with this room and enjoy it as much as we have! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! Be sure and subscribe if you haven’t already! We have some excited stuff coming your way soon! Stay tuned for a farmhouse update this week! Eeek!

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