Easy DIY Sink Skirt

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Now that you’ve seen the full kitchen island reveal I thought I would share this easy DIY sink skirt I made! I made this just minutes before we shot all the pics for the full kitchen island reveal. I had changed my mind after seeing the last faux drawer face we had made for this spot. The entire island just felt too dark, heavy, with too many harsh lines.

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Easy DIY Sink Skirt Was Meant to Be

I thought that may be the case so I just had Ed hold it in place. And we both agreed it wasn’t quite right. Plus I’m not gonna lie I really wanted a sink skirt in our last kitchen so I was happy to try and make one real quick! Ha!

Things Needed for the DIY Sink Skirt

So after grabbing a $3 tension rod from dollar store I whipped out an old drop cloth we had, the iron, and some fabric bond. I was concerned the fabric would be too thick but since I was on a time crunch I figured it was worth a shot! And it worked!

Easy DIY Sink Skirt

Easy DIY Sink Skirt

Easy DIY Sink Skirt

How I Made the Sink Skirt

First, I measured from the bottom of the piece of wood under the sink to the floor and then added 5-6 inches of wiggle room. This way I would have plenty of material to fold over the tension rod. I also wanted it to puddle just a bit on the floor.

Next, I cut a corner piece of the drop cloth so it would have the least amount of unfinished edges.

Easy DIY Sink Skirt

How I Made the Sink Skirt Cont.

After I had my piece of dropcloth cut I held it up to the sink to estimate how much I would need to fold over to get the length I wanted. It was about 2 1/2 inches so I marked that on each end of the fabric and ironed it while folded over. This way it would be easier when I went to iron the fabric bond down. I also made sure that the raw edge side was the one that I folded over.

Steam Required!

It did require the steam or spray setting on the iron to get the fabric bond to adhere. But once it did it was stuck! Then I simply slid in the tension rod and hung it up!

Easy DIY Sink Skirt

Easy DIY Sink Skirt

I absolutely love how this easy DIY sink skirt turned out! It added so much softness and texture to this space! Drop cloths are such a versatile neutral and inexpensive fabric to work with! And because of the things I had on hand this project only cost me about $3! I think it would also be fun to switch out for the seasons or holidays!

In case you missed it you can see exactly how we turned this vintage store counter into our kitchen island HERE!

I hope you enjoyed this simple project! And thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!

Take Care!

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