Easy Healthy Meal Prepped Dinners

Hi there!

I’ve had lot of requests to share what I’ve been eating lately! Being at home so much has led to a lot of unhealthy eating choices for many. We’ve definitely enjoyed more comfort food than normal too but I’m trying hard to stay on this health journey track!

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Health Goals and Changes

If you didn’t know I made some major changes to my lifestyle and diet a little over a year ago. I’m not a doctor or health professional. I’m just sharing what has worked for me. I started gradually cleaning up my diet eliminating processed foods. No, I don’t eat 100% clean yet, but that’s the goal. I also want to move away from some of the animal based proteins, which another reason I have big garden plans!

By making the changes I have I’ve lost around 40lbs. It has never been about that number on the scale for me but about feeling healthier. And let me tell ya, I do! I feel awesome and have so much more energy! I’ll be sharing more about other changes I’ve made recently soon.

You can read more about my diet and health plan HERE! 

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Dinner Recipes

But for now let’s dive into some of these easy healthy meal prepped dinners! I literally snapped these pics right before I dug in so I apologize for the poor lighting! We like to make up a couple different things at the beginning of the week and then we mix and match for lunches and dinners.

Tractor SupplyRecipe 1: Baked Chicken, Fresh Green Beans, and Couscous

I baked a package of chicken legs, seasoned with Himalayan sea salt, fresh garlic, and a bit of Landrys seasoning mix. until they reached an internal temp of 165 degrees. I sautéed fresh green beans in a bit of extra virgin olive oil along with himalayan sea salt and fresh minced garlic. I cooked some organic couscous the same way. So good!

Easy Healthy Meal Prepped Dinners

Recipe 2: Baked Salmon, Couscous, and a Baby Spinach Salad

I also baked some salmon with just a bit of himalayan sea salt, fresh garlic, and added a bit of squeezed lemon after baking. The couscous was from the previous recipe. I also had a small baby spinach salad with a vinegar and oil dressing. This is one of my favorite meals!

Easy Healthy Meal Prepped Dinners

Some Meals From Last Week

Recipe 3: Pulled Pork Salad

Ed was able to BBQ, which a whole other thing I need to share here with y’all because the dude is a master on the grill! But anyway he smoked a pork shoulder overnight in the grill. I’ll have to wait to reveal his secrets to seasoning and cooking it for another day! But I added some to a romaine lettuce salad with sweet peppers, croutons, almonds, sunflower seeds, and vinegar and oil dressing. It was delish!

Easy Healthy Meal Prepped Dinners

Recipe 4: Finger Food Platter

I love finger foods! Anyone else! Plus they’re so easy! I baked these chicken tenderloins the same way as the drumsticks above. Then I added carrots, baked chick peas, almonds, and tomatoes, with hummus in the center for dipping. Easy and yummy!

Easy Healthy Meal Prepped Dinners

Easy Healthy Meal Prepped Dinners

I actually plan on moving away from meal prepping just a bit because I miss cooking in the kitchen with my favorite guy! As I mentioned I’ll share more about my health journey soon and I’ll also share some more fun recipes we have planned (with prettier pics lol). Eventually I’d like to be able to grow everything I eat. It feels like a lofty goal but I’ll get there, just like with all the other changes, a little at a time!

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