Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Hey friend!

I’m excited to share some of my Fall wardrobe favorites with y’all! Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t go out and buy a whole new wardrobe every season. On the contrary I’ve been creating capsule wardrobes long before I even know it was a thing haha! In doing that I like to keep things pretty simple and neutral. The idea being for that you can really stretch your clothes when everything is mix and match and you can create multiple outfits with just a few items!

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Fall Wardrobe

All that being said I did have to purchase a few things this season for two reasons. First of all I changed career paths. I work from home now on a farm haha! So I’m embracing the casual life! And secondly, nothing from last Fall/Winter fits…like at all lol! It’s good to feel good and be healthy, but I’ve been trying to hold off buying too much until I found where my weight was finally going to land and I think we’re just about there 😉


Let’s start with jeans! Well technically jeggings! I ordered a couple of pairs of jeggings from American Eagle. I’ve found that they’re kind of ideal for my lifestyle because they’re crazy comfy but pockets are kind of essential for me!

You can find the first pair I bought HERE!

And the second HERE!

American Eagle’s jean game is strong! They offer a TON of selection in styles, sizes, and lengths! I would say these fit true to size, and while they’re stretchy they also hold their shape. I ordered them in extra short because I’m a shorty lol!

Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Shirt Number 1

I ordered this ribbed shirt in 2 colors…so far lol! I especially love this green one but it comes in several colors! They’re very very soft and perfect for layering! I would also say they fit true to size! Below I dressed it up a bit with cozy cardigan and boots 🙂

You can find this shirt HERE!

You can find the cardigan HERE!

Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Fall Wardrobe Shoes

I basically live in these New Balance shoes! Unless I’m in farm boots lol! But these booties are my favs going 2 years strong!

You can find the tennis shoes HERE!

I’m linking the booties HERE!

And though they’re not pictured I’m also linking my other favorite boots HERE! 😉

Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Plaid Fall Wardrobe

I love plaid in Fall!! Who doesn’t right?! 😉 I also love that this shirt adds a bit of warm color to my wardrobe, and again it’s very versatile! I’ve always enjoyed wearing light layers in the cooler seasons so you have temperature options throughout the day lol!

This shirt is supposed to have an oversized fit and boy it does! I sized down 2 sixes and it’s still plenty roomy and comfy! And it’s SO soft!

I’m linking the plaid shirt HERE!

And my white t-shirt HERE!

Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Henley Tees

Last Fall I purchased a henley tee from American Eagle and it quickly became a wardrobe staple! So soft! Great for layering! You’ll basically see me living in these this year! Lol!

You can find this henley HERE!


Lastly, these leggings are my absolute favorite right now! I may or may not own several pairs! Lol! They come in different lengths and you can catch them on sale pretty often too!

I’m wearing the 7/8 style in X-short. I’d say they’re true to size!

You can find the full length ones HERE! 

And the 7/8 that I’m wearing pictured below HERE!

Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Fall Wardrobe Favorites

I hope you enjoyed these Fall wardrobe favorites of mine! I’m definitely not a fashion blogger lol, but I do enjoy sharing what makes me feel good and what I loving as the seasons change! Have a great day and as always thanks much for stopping by the blog!

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