Farm Babe Feature: Scout

Hey there!

I hope this post finds you well and I hope it brings a smile to your face like only a cute pup can! Today I’m sharing my farm babe feature: Scout!

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Farm Babe Scout

Scout Jo is a White German Shepherd or White Shepherd and she’s a beauty! I’ve always had a thing for white fluffy dogs since growing up with a Samoyed. And in truth we thought Mav, our other shepherd, needed a companion and spent a lot of time searching for a good fit. However, while Scout and Maverick are great friends, she is 100% my girl and never leaves my side 🙂

We brought her home at what ended up being a busy transitional time. We got her at 5 months old and two months later we looking into purchasing the farm and putting our home on the market. Maybe not an ideal time to be raising a puppy, but she also brought so much joy!

Farm Babe Feature: Scout

Farm Babe Feature: Scout

About Scout

Scout loves treats, toys, and most of all her people! She is extremely obedient and aims to please. She’s also hands down the smartest dog I’ve ever had and can pick up a trick in a couple tries. I love watching her trick or outsmart a toy or bone away from Finn lol! Finn’s the boss around here ya know! Lol!

And nothing gets past this girl! She keeps a close eye on everything here at the farm especially those bunnies! Scout is sweet, gentle, and endlessly affectionate. She’s also very protective and doesn’t like strangers. Oh and she LOVES water and mud!

Farm Babe Feature: Scout

Farm Babe Feature: Scout

Farm Babe Feature: Scout

We’ve only had Scout 1 year this month but it seems like she’s always been a part of our family. I also can’t believe what an awesome dog she already is being she’s still very much a puppy. One thing is for sure, Scout is definitely  living her best life out here in the country! I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about our special girl!

You can also see our other farm babes Maverick HERE!

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I’ll be sharing our farm kitties with ya this week and then guess what the following week will bring?! Our new farm babes!! Eeek!!! Just a little excited over here! Haha! 😉

Take care and thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!

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