Farm Friday Weekly Update 1

Hello love!

As promised I will be giving weekly updates on what’s happening at the farm! So this is your Farm Friday Weekly Update 1! This will just be a quick overview on progress we’ve made and what’s coming next 🙂 This particular article will include some big news!

I am going to back track a bit in this article so y’all are caught up since we officially closed on the farm almost 2 months ago! How is that possible?!

Let’s Catch Up!

After closing we didn’t really have a set plan. We weren’t sure how quickly we wanted to move in or how much we would like to get accomplished out there before we did. In true fixer upper fashion we were thrown a few curve balls right away.

Farm Friday Weekly Update 1

The Property

The previous owner hadn’t removed many of their personal belongings from the house and non at all from the completely full outdoor buildings. This definitely put a damper on our timeline. We spent the next several weeks clearing out the house and trying to keep the property maintained. I say trying because we broke 3 tractor belts and one mower belt in the process.

The Basement

Fast forward to a month in now. We’re able to keep up with the grass finally and can start on the basement. Ahhh the basement. The basement has been the talk of the last few weeks. It too was wall to wall full of stuff left behind but also had about an inch of water sitting in it.

Let me paint a better picture. After removing the big stuff (3 trailers worth) then we had to use a shovel to remove the indistinguishable muck that was left on the floor. Oh and we also saved about 40 toads, 1 frog, and 1 mouse. Yep there was a freaking ecosystem living down there!

After all the stuff was out we got the sump pumps working and it dried out. Then I spent about 3 hours shop vacuuming. Next we pressure washed and bleached the place.

Next Steps

Soon we’ll be installing gutters and downspouts to confirm where the water was coming in before we paint the basement with a sealant. Stay tuned for basement progress!

Farm Friday Weekly Update 1

Coming Up!

This weekend I’ll be cleaning and painting the main floor of the farmhouse! I can’t wait to share the paint colors I chose! I’ll try to have that post up early next week!

Big News!

We lost several weekends of work time since we bought the farm because of family functions, health issues (the stress has taken it’s toll) and other commitments. But I am super happy to announce that one of those stressors has been at least somewhat lifted, we sold our house in town! Well it’s not sold until we close, but we’re under contract to close in 3 weeks! We’re cautiously super pumped! Eeeek! The sweetest young couple are purchasing it and we’re so happy for them to be able to enjoy all the love we poured into our sweet little home!

So this means we have a plan now and we’ll be moving out to the farm soon!

Well that’s a wrap for this weeks farm Friday weekly update! If you haven’t seen the Farmhouse Before Tour or the Property Before Tour be sure and check em out!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!


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