Farm Friday Weekly Update 2

Hello there!

So I missed a week. I know I suck lol! But in my defense we’ve just been so super busy! Keeping up with two houses, properties, jobs, and preparing to move has been a challenge! I’ve been spending every spare minute at the farm painting and cleaning, which pretty much sums up this Farm Friday Weekly Update 2!

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Let’s Catch Up

Last weekend we decided to try and use our old paint sprayer to do the ceilings. It was given to us by my uncle a few years back after he had it for the first 10+ years. That sprayer had seen us through quite a few projects and we knew it was going out after the last time we used it but we thought we’d try it anyway.

It got the living room ceiling about 3/4 the way done in less than 15 min…and then it died haha! So we decided to invest in a new one. We have a ton of painting to do still and felt it would be more than worth it for us. After a little research we ended up buying this PAINT SPRAYER and it is awesome!

We were able to finish the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom ceilings, plus paint the entire burnt orange room in a weekend! It’s such a relief to have those ceilings painted before we move in!  The puppies can’t wait!

Farm Friday Weekly Update 2

Then What?

Since then I’ve been trying to get the farmhouse really clean and ready for us to move in. And we’ll finish painting the other rooms once we’re out there and those paint articles will be coming at ya soon!

Coming Up

Between this weekend and next we’ll be moving out to the farm! Eeeek! All the butterflies just typing that! I plan on recording the moving process and sharing it on our YouTube channel! We’re so excited!

Thanks so much for being here and sharing in that excitement! Have an amazing day!


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