Farm Friday Weekly Update 3

Hi there and happy Friday!

This is your farm Friday weekly update 3! This past week has gone by in a blink! We got about 80% moved to the farm last weekend but decided to finish this weekend. We left the bare necessities and our bedroom furniture at the house in town.


It’s strange how empty it feels but amazing how much more the farm is feeling like home since our stuff is there! It’s been a bitter sweet, nostalgic kind of a week. Tonight will be our last night here in our sweet little home that is filled with love and memories. At the same time my heart is bursting with excitement about this next chapter and all the possibilities it holds.

Farm Friday Weekly Update 3

Coming Up

Our plan is to finish moving tomorrow and then do a clean sweep and final walk through on Sunday. Then we close next week on my birthday which is also the blogs birthday. Yep feeling all the feels and doing lots of reflecting this week!

I’m also feeling incredibly grateful. Grateful to get to have this experience. Grateful to have this experience with my best friend. Grateful to get to share with you. Grateful you’re here with us for this journey! And grateful for a million other life blessings.

Farm Friday Weekly Update 3

Now I have to get back to packing because we’re moving to a farm this weekend no big deal 😉

Hope you have a great weekend! I already can’t wait for next week’s farm update!


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