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Farm Property Before Tour

Hey there!

Life has been super extra busy lately! Maintaining two properties is already a lot of work but when you throw in having lots of mowing equipment issues aka 3 tractor belts and 1 pulley, it really becomes challenging lol! But we finally (fingers crossed) got over that hurdle and were able to mow the property! So I thought it would be a perfect time to give y’all the Farm Property Before Tour!

Please keep in mind that this IS the BEFORE TOUR and we have lots and lots to do to whip this property into shape! Starting with removing all of the things the previous owners left behind. The buildings are all still full of their things but we’ll be getting a dumpster soon and we’ll take you along on that picking journey!

Farm Property Photo Before Tour

Below you’ll find a few photos of the property and buildings with their descriptions. Nearer to the end of this post you can take the walking tour with me as I show you even more including the inside of the buildings! Enjoy!

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Milk House

This is the old milk house or milk parlor. We have some fun ideas in mind for this sweet little building! Stay tuned! I share a bit more about it in the video!

Mik House

Chicken Coop

This is the chicken coop! We had to tear down the lean-to that was on the front of it as it was deemed unusable but now we have an even better idea when we rebuild it! Can’t wait till next spring! Here chicky chicky!

Below is a shot of the inside when I was actually able to get to it lol!

Chicken coop

chicken coop

Potting Shed

If you watched the YouTube property tour then you know we had to tear this cutie little shed down. Sadly it was deemed unusable in the appraisal but we’ll be recreating an even better one down the road!

potting shed


Okay maybe orchard is a stretch haha! But this is a start to what will one day be an orchard! The big tree in pecan and the other 2 are apple trees! Can’t wait to add more fruit trees to this area next year!

future orchard

Quonset Hut 

This is the newest of the buildings on the property and will house all of Ed’s toys! 😉 See the inside on the video!

quonset hut

Loafing Shed

I don’t think we’ll be housing any cows in this shed but ya never know! We are already on a wait list for some spring farm babies though! Eeeek! Y’all are going to die when you see em! More info about that to come!

loafing shed

Big Red Barn

And finally the big read barn! This barn was really the icing on the cake for us when we came to look at the property. I mean who doesn’t love a red barn right?! Below you’ll see a most special carving we found on the inside too! Check out what more of the inside looks like on the video!

red barn


Video Before Tour Below!!


Farm Property Before Tour

I truly hope you enjoyed the farm property before tour! It was so much fun to shoot because I can already envision what it’s going to look like down the road! And because we’re so grateful we get to share the ENTIRE process with you here! If you missed the Farmhouse Before Tour be sure and check that out too! And follow me on Instagram @midcounty_journal for lots of behind the scenes action!

Take care sweet buddy!


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