Farm Weekly Update: Still a Mess Lol


Well at least we can laugh about it right? In true fixer upper fashion things are taking about 3 times as long as planned but since this isn’t our first rodeo we’re just rolling with it! Some days it’s an easier roll than others but that’s life.

Tractor SupplySealing the Basement

We bought the wrong sprayer tip for the basement paint and then it rained…like torrential rain for 24 hours straight. So we had to put off the basement for another week. But as with most things, it was a blessing in disguise since we hadn’t gotten rain like this while living here. It allowed us to see that there were a couple places water was still coming in. Now we can get those sealed up before we use the spray sealer for extra layer of protection.

Farm Weekly Update: Still a Mess Lol


Also this past week we got our new refrigerator! I’ll be doing a full article and review on it once we’ve had a bit longer but aesthetically it’s perfect!

Farm Weekly Update


I also made a mad dash after a big ol cabinet this week! I found it on the facebook marketplace and thought why not add another piece furniture and project to the mix, right?! Lol! I can’t wait to paint it and show ya where it lands!





The kittens are growing like weeds! They’re all weaned off milk replacement now and have been spending more and more time outside, although I still can’t imagine leaving them in the barn overnight that day is definitely coming!

Farm Weekly Update: Still a Mess Lol

Oh and we planted a willow tree, which explains the first photo! And that about wraps up this weeks update! But we have lots of fun things in the works that I can’t wait to share with you soon! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

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