Farmhouse Bedroom Renovation Progress

Hey there!

I wanted to give y’all an update on our farmhouse bedroom renovation progress! Though I haven’t been physically able to get to the bedroom this week due to the fact that we don’t currently have stairs lol! I did make some progress over the past week!

You can also see the design plan for the bedroom HERE!

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Farmhouse Bedroom Floors

I did all the tack strips and the 9526419 staples removed from the flooring after pulling up the carpet. I definitely recommend using general purpose diagonal pliers to remove staples! They made the job way easier!

I’ll link the ones I used HERE! 


Farmhouse Bedroom Renovation Progress

Refinishing the Floors

After I get the windows and walls done I’ll be renting a floor sander to refinish the floors! We have the same wood floors throughout the upstairs and I can’t wait to get them all sanded to a lighter more natural tone! 
Farmhouse Bedroom Renovation Progress

Farmhouse Bedroom Walls and Windows

The biggest issue I’ve run into so far is the realization that the entire upstairs has been painted with latex paint over the top of oil based paint. I quickly came to this conclusion when I was trying to decide how to fix the chipping paint on the window moldings. The latex paint simply started peeling right off.

So I completely peeled one window and will finish the other one the same way. Then I’ll be using a bonding primer on them and the rest of the room in hopes that we don’t continue to have this issue! I’ll let ya know what we use and how well it works!

Farmhouse Bedroom Renovation Progress

Farmhouse Bedroom Renovation Progress

What’s Coming Next

Since I’ve spent this week working on the staircase I’m hoping we’ll have useable steps for next week! Then I can finish stripping the one window, and replacing the flue stop because the tape just isn’t doing in for me lol! After that I’ll caulk all the seams and gaps and the room will be ready to paint!

Then once the floors are sanded I’ll add quarter round to the base boards and replace the light fixture, which should be here today! Yay!

Farmhouse Bedroom Renovation Progress

Farmhouse Bedroom Renovation Progress

I can’t wait to get back in there and keep this bedroom renovation train a movin! 😉 We’re currently in a very small makeshift bedroom downstairs that is technically the original sitting room but the previous owner also put the washer and dryer hookup in there. So yeah it’s kinda weird…but also handy lol!

I’ll snap a picture to share with our new bedroom reveal! 😉 But  I can’t wait to wake up every morning in a farmhouse bedroom that’s covered in original beadboard and that overlooks the garden! It’s the little things right?

Stay tuned for more progress updates and follow me on Instagram @midcounty_journal for lots of behind the scenes action 😉

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