Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

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Guess whaaat?!? We got our kitchen back!! Whoop whoop! We finally were able to move everything back in and have a full functioning kitchen again! It feels so fancy lol! Seriously after not having a kitchen for several weeks I won’t be taking it for granted anytime soon! The room is still very much a work in progress, but the farmhouse kitchen floors and walls are done, which was our goal!

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Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

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Putting the Farmhouse Kitchen Back Together

Clearly I was beyond excited and brought in the only thing I could carry or get to aka the bar stools, before Ed was home to help! Lol! But then slowly but surely we brought everything back in, starting with the appliances. Since we moved the oven from where it was before Ed had to rewire it, which took a good bit of time, but hallelujah we have a working oven again!

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Kitchen Cabinets

We were able to salvage some of the base cabinets and countertops to reuse until we purchase new ones. This technically wasn’t supposed to be a kitchen remodel. We wanted to start replacing the flooring on the main level and started with the kitchen so that we could set the newel post and finish the staircase. Buuuut then we decided to go ahead and do the tongue and groove walls while we were making a mess demoing the old flooring.

This led to us taking all the old upper cabinets down. We didn’t want to put them back up because I had been planning on doing open shelving. So the DIY open shelving will be coming soon and the new base cabinets and countertops eventually lol!

See how we installed these pine wood floors HERE! 

Check out how I stained them with coffee HERE! 

And how I painted the harlequin pattern on them HERE!

All the details of our tongue and groove walls linked HERE!

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Kitchen Island, Appliances, Cabinet

Tractor SupplyKitchen Island and Appliances

One of the things I was most excited about was seeing the store counter island back in place! I love the contrast that it brings and how it makes the flooring knots pop. The island is multifunctional. It holds our kitchen sink, microwave, dishwasher, and extra storage.

 You can see how we turned an old store counter into a kitchen island HERE!  

I’m linking our vintage inspired oven HERE! 

And our vintage inspired refrigerator HERE!


I also wanted to add an old cabinet or cupboard of some kind as a stand alone storage option. I have something different in mind for in here, but until I find it we pulled in this antique beadboard cabinet and I really love how it looks! Plus it’s working perfectly as a pantry.

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Brick Chimney and Lighting

Brick Chimney

Unfortunately the chimney in the kitchen isn’t made of the older beautiful brick I found when I exposed the other two. It must have been a later addition and was painted or coated with something at some point. This left me with a dilemma because I really had my heart set on some natural old brick being a huge focal point of this room. I debating painting it or doing some kind of german smear finish, but I really didn’t like either of those options.

So I’ve decided to cover the brick with brick! Brick tile to be exact! I’m so excited to be working with a company who makes thin brick tiles from reclaimed bricks! They have a color option that is very close to our other chimneys so I think it’s going to be an awesome solution and fun DIY! New old brick chimney coming soon! 😉


I also found a light fixture that I love! It’s a time period correct antique replication! I’ll share it with ya soon! We’ll also be adding recessed lighting in here once we start on the back room aka the sunroom, because that’s our access into the ceiling.

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Eat In Kitchen

We also decided to pull out this antique table and create an eat in area, which might be my new favorite spot! As you can see we took down the peg rail on the right hand side of the doorway when we installed the tongue and groove board walls. I haven’t decided if it will be going back up and will wait to make that decision until the baseboards and door and window moldings are back in place. But I’m leaning towards taking the other side down in the meantime because I love being able to see the full wallpaper mural!

Wallpaper mural details HERE!

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Farmhouse Kitchen Floors and Walls

Ed wasted no time to start cooking in the kitchen! He loves to cook! Of course I can’t wait to finish the rest of it, but the impact of the new farmhouse kitchen floors and walls is amazing! And after having the kitchen spilled out into every other room downstairs for several weeks it feels like we got our whole house back! Living in a house with any room under construction is challenging, but when it’s arguably the most important room in your house it’s down right stressful! But we made it and it was worth it! Now time for a good spring deep clean! Lol!

I hope you have an awesome day! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

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