Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh

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After the second round of renovations here in the kitchen last year I was seriously feeling renovation burnout. We tackled the kitchen immediately after I had spent months on the living room…which had directly followed the guest room reno…that came after our bedroom…which was…okay you get the idea. Lol!

Since then I’ve been slowly chipping away at the last upstairs bedroom reno, doing smaller scale projects, and spending time making the parts of the house that are finished feel like home. It’s definitely been the break I needed because I’m feeling excited and inspired again 🙂 And thus the farmhouse kitchen spring refresh!


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Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh

Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh

Spring Refresh: Art!

Do you know that children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”? If so then you may understand that most home refreshes follow the same concept lol. It all started with this pear print I found on Etsy awhile back. I finally ordered it to hang here above the oven. You can check out a trick I’ve learned make prints look like a painting below! After the print was up I knew it was time to bring out the paint!

Watch how I make any print look like a painting!

 See how I built these open shelves in our kitchen HERE!

Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh

Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh

Kitchen Refresh: Paint!

You should know this cabinet isn’t super functional. It’s from before the initial kitchen renovation but it fit well enough here so we’re making do until the next round of renovations. It was actually meant to be an island with a sink so the top drawer is non functional and we had to add shelving inside of our pots and pans.

So after the art was up I decided to paint the cabinet and open shelving the same color that I painted our pantry, Sentimental Beige by Behr in a matte finish. It’s from their Dynasty line and the awesome coverage will save you time! I started considering where else to use this paint color immediately following the pantry project because I loved it so much! I still may paint our kitchen trim and mouldings with it too. Stay tuned! But after the everything was painted then I decided to add some wooden knobs to the cabinet keeping with its primitive style. And wow did they make a difference! Details matter! Check out the before and after below!


Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh


Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh


Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh

Kitchen Shelving Refresh

I basically brought back all the same things but just styled them a little differently on the shelves. We’ve had open shelving in our kitchen for awhile now and personally I really like it. I have learned I prefer to keep baking/cooking essentials out in jars vs plates and bowls though because of dust. And the top shelf is obviously for decor.


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Coming Up in the Kitchen

In the next phase of renovations in here we’ll be shifting things around and I *think* this spot is where the sink will go. It’s where we had originally planned on putting one, however the giant antique kitchen cabinet on the other side of the chimney ended up being 1 inch too wide for the stove to fit next to it. So we had to change up our plan at the time knowing we’d come back to it. As I had mentioned we were pooped by the time the actual kitchen was complete, but we’ll get back in here at some point. I’ll keep ya updated 😉


Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh

Farmhouse Kitchen Spring Refresh

This farmhouse kitchen spring refresh was simple but made a big impact! I can’t wait for the other half of the farmhouse to be finished, but I feel like I’m finally able to breath a little and enjoy what we’ve done so far. I linked a bunch of products from our kitchen below for you too!

And coming up soon we’re finally going to start work on the homes exterior. The old clapboard siding needs some major love and we’ll be rebuilding the front porch, which has been missing since long before we bought this place. As difficult as things are sometimes we’re so grateful to be able to bring back this piece of history and to share it with you as we do.

Sending you all kinds of love from the farm!

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