Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Hey y’all! 

Ohmygeeeeee!! I am SO excited to share this one with ya! We are absolutely obsessed with our farmhouse style wall paper mural! Last week I share our DIY peg rail shelves HERE and mentioned that they were only part one of the walls makeover.

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Why Wallpaper?

I knew from the first time we looked at the house I would be putting wallpaper somewhere! I’ve always loved the idea of wallpaper and think it’s such a classic part of old houses. Traditionally murals like this would be featured in dining rooms but design rules were made to be broken! I also knew that I wanted this wall to have more visual interest as a feature wall of some sort.

Creating Balance

As with any space it’s important to keep the eye moving around the room landing on those things you want to stand out. It’s also important to achieve a visual balance in the space for it to feel even and cohesive. I’ve mentioned visual balance fairly often here, but basically you want each side of the room to have the same visual weight. If you’re interested you can read more about what I mean HERE.

But for example our kitchen is a big rectangular room with all of our cabinets, big dark kitchen island, appliances, and basically everything you’d find in a kitchen being on one side of it. And before these last few projects, which include the peg rail shelves, butcher block, and now wall mural, there wasn’t much on the other side of it. This left it feeling lopsided or weighted down on the side with all the things. 

So I knew I wanted to create a feature wall of some kind on this side to add some of that visual weight to it and make the room feel much more even. Mission accomplished! In the most beautiful way I might add! 😉

The Wallpaper I Chose

I have been looking at and pinning wallpaper for years. And I almost went with something completely different that you might see pop up somewhere else in the farmhouse one day 😉 But I’m so glad I decided to go with this wall mural wallpaper from Anewall! They were amazing to work with on this project! They also have TONS of selection to choose from in all different sizes! 

I chose the dreamy Shaded Landscape Mural and it’s all I hoped with would be and more! First of all it’s a rolling hills pasture with animals out to graze mural…ummm how perfect is that?! The dark elements in the mural and it’s overall scale create that visual weight and interest I was after!

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Wallpaper Install

So since we were wallpaper newbies we read the instructions that came with the wallpaper and also watched their YouTube video too. I decided to go with pre-pasted wallpaper for our first time and I’m glad I did. For this project we needed:

  •  pencil
  •  level
  •  plastic 4 inch drywall knife
  • clean cloth
  • paint brush roller
  • paint tray 
  • ladder
  • box cutter

It was a learn as ya go process and you can see exactly how we did it, plus some tips we picked up along the way about seams and such in our VIDEO

Piece One!

Pieces 2 and 3 

Over and around the door frame was a bit tricky!

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Piece 5 

We made it! Whew!

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Piece 6 

This is when it really started coming to life!

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural Done! 

And she’s done! And she’s beautiful! Haha! But seriously though!! Let’s take a closer look at the design! While you’re checking it out help us settle a debate! Let me know if you see cows, sheep, and maybe even some other animals or cows and rocks lol! 


Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural


After I was done swooning (it took awhile lol) over the wallpaper. We put the peg rails back up and I love it even more! for now the pegs and shelves are mostly naked but I’ll be gradually layering more thing in and playing with the space more this week 🙂

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Farmhouse Style Wallpaper Mural

Even though I had been dreaming about this mural for the last couple of months I was still a little nervous to actually do it. It’s a big and bold statement and felt a bit out of my comfort zone but I know that if I don’t push myself and my creativity then I won’t grow as a designer. This wallpaper mural has brought so much balance and beauty to the room. It’s dark and interesting but the design is also soft and flows like a water painting, which allows it to not overwhelm the space. I’ll be sharing some full kitchen views next week!

Now I really can’t wait for baseboards, ceiling moldings, and most of all new flooring for this space! Because y’all know I’ve had those picked out since day one too! Lol! 

I hope you love seeing our home and style evolve and it inspires you to take some design risks in your house too! Home decor is about having fun and at the end of the day everything can undone if you don’t love it, right? You may not always hit the mark, but sometimes you’ll hit one out of the park and this particular one feels like home to me! 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!! Have a great one friend! 

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