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Farmhouse Update

Hello there friend!

Well this is an article that is full of hope and excitement! As the title implies I wanted to give y’all an update on the farmhouse situation! If you missed it Ed and I are in the process of purchasing a farmhouse! You can read the original article and see the tour of it HERE.

A Few Bumps in the Road

As with most home purchases, especially when it’s an old fixer upper, there have been some challenges. First of all a couple weeks ago I found out that the insurance company I wanted to go through “couldn’t help us” because of the condition of some of the buildings etc.

Then after receiving this phone call I called our loan guy to fill him in and he made it very clear that he was concerned as well on his end. He was also worried about those buildings as well as a few other things after looking at the appraisal pictures.

Farmhouse Update

Perspective is Everything!

When I got off the phone with him I called the seller of the farmhouse because he obviously had home owners insurance through someone! That agent went out to the house the next day and called saying how much she loved the home and how much potential it had. She went on to ask about those 2 buildings that were of concern wondering if we were going to try to salvage them or not. She gets it!

Back On Track

It’s amazing what a different perspective can mean! So we gave the list of things that have to be done before we can close to the seller and he, as a journeyman carpenter, was undaunted. After pushing the closing date back 3 weeks we were on track to buy the farmhouse!

Farmhouse Update

The Chicken Coop

We told the seller we would lend a hand with some of the list so last weekend we got to spend the day at the farmhouse and I was one happy girl! The chicken coop, pictured below, was the first building that was deemed unusable by the appraiser. We tore off the lean to and the rest of the building is solid.

The Potting Shed

The second building was a small potting shed that they had started tearing down awhile back. We bought clear plastic roofing for it but it ended up just not being salvageable in the end. I was so sad to see it go. But after standing around talking for a bit the seller suggested rebuilding the lean to on the chicken coop as a greenhouse/potting shed and I LOVE that idea! So we added that to the mile long to-do list! Lol!

Chicken coop

chicken coop

potting shed

potting shed

A Day at the Farm

And here are a few more pics from around the property. We sat talking in the driveway visiting with the seller, who is an old family friend, and some other friends who stopped by. I didn’t know how much my heart missed those kind of nights. You see, I grew up in an old farmhouse my parents renovated not too far from this one.

It’s hard to put into words all the emotions that have come with this process. I’ve dreamed of this old farmhouse for as long as I can remember and it’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks it could be a reality.

country living

big red barn

Sharing this Journey!

Ed and I have been busy planning exactly how we want to share this journey from projects, renovations, diys, to just general farm life. This is a huge deal for us and it’s amazing to get to document everything from day 1! I’m committed to always share everything here first, so be sure and subscribe if you haven’t!

Exciting News!

BUT we’ve also decided to start a YouTube channel! I’ll be sharing all the videos from YouTube videos here on the blog too though! Some will be along with other information in blog articles and others will stand alone as a vlog article (aka video blog). We think it will be really awesome for y’all to get to see our faces, work on all the things, and get know us better! You can get jump on things and subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE!

farm girl

Farmhouse Update

Yep that’s me driving a tractor for the first time ever! I’m basically a farmer now! Lol! What is life?! I think this might just be the best summer ever! I can’t tell ya what it means to us to have y’all sharing in our excitement! Please keep sending those good thoughts and vibes our way! We feel em! And I’ll let ya know when we have those keys in our hand!

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