French Brass Curtain Rods

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You read that title right! I’m finally going to add some window treatments in this old farmhouse! I still love the look of our windows without them, naked is what I call them lol! But it will be nice to have them in some rooms for sure! I’m going to start in the living room with curtains and thought I’d bring you along for the whole process.

Beginning with curtain rods! Because while hunting for curtains I immediately came across these gorgeous French brass curtain rods that seem to be everywhere, and fell for them! So before we get to the curtains here’s a roundup of some of my favorite French style curtain rods and a couple others too!

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French Brass Curtain Rods

French Brass Curtain Rods

French Curtain Rods

French curtain rods don’t have finials and instead curve and return to the wall. So curtains will wrap around and kind of hug your window. I like the simplicity and elegance of this style. However, I also came across a few other traditional curtain rods with  finials that I really like too!

I’m using a mixture of finishes in our home and am opting for brass curtain rods in the living room, but most of these come in other finishes too.

You can check them out HERE or through the images below!

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See how we renovated our Living Room HERE!

My favorite farmhouse rugs found HERE!

French Brass Curtain Rods

French Brass Curtain Rods

French Brass Curtain Rods

Curtains with brass rods will add another layer of coziness and warmth to the living room. Though I’m still not 100% which style curtain rod I’ll go with, I’m excited to try some out and I’ll definitely share here when I do! Which is your favorite? Have you tried French curtain rods? When I see something old and timeless start popping up all over the design world it’s a trend I’m actually happy to hop on! 😉 And wait till you see the curtains I found! Eeek! Coming soon!

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