Weekly Farm Update: Happy First Day of Fall

Hey there!

Happy first day of Fall! I’m a summer girl at heart and I’m always sad to see it go but the beautiful weather we’ve had over the last few days has really helped! Lol! It’s weekly farm update day so let me tell ya what we’ve been up to and what’s coming soon as we welcome this new season! 

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All the Fall Things!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Fall it’s just the long winter that follows I’m not such a huge fan of lol! But I am here for the pumpkins, hay rides, apple cider, and of course Fall decor! I’ll be sharing some Fall decor with y’all soon! 

We’ll also be working on some Fall projects outside this weekend that I’m really excited about! We’ll be creating a fire pit area! Yay for bonfires, s’mores, and weeny roasts! Stay tuned for all those project details next week! 


Weekly Farm Update: Happy First Day of Fall
Weekly Farm Update: Happy First Day of Fall

Fall Birthday 

Not gonna lie, another reason I love Fall is because of my birthday! Haha! I love birthdays! It’s an excuse to get together with family, hopefully around a bonfire this year 😉 And it’s also an excuse for me to buy myself something lol! This year I bought myself a spinning wheel! 

I found this beauty on the Facebook Marketplace! Y’all know I LOVE to shop the Marketplace and have basically furnished our home from it lol!

I shared some tips on how to search it for antiques HERE!

I scored this spinning wheel for $60!! I can’t wait to learn how to use it! My hope is to be able to spin our sheep’s fleece next spring after they’re sheared for the first time! I’ll keep ya updated! 😉

Weekly Farm Update: Happy First Day of Fall


I’ll be sharing more details about our flooring situation later this week. But if you missed it our staircase project has been put on hold until we can make a decision about the flooring situation.

You can read more about that HERE!

We’re still weighing our options. One of them being to lay our own planked flooring. And surprisingly I may have found a solution we’re both feeling really good about! 

Weekly Farm Update: Happy First Day of Fall

50k Thank You Giveaway 

Another cool thing that happened this week is we hit 50k followers on Instagram! So amazing and humbling! As a thank you I rounded up some of my favorite things including a gorgeous pillow cover by my friend at Medreana, an Antique Candle Co candle, one of my favorite baseball caps, and a pair of darling bee earrings! To enter you just have to be following me on Instagram and comment on the post with this picture! 

You can find me on Instagram HERE!

Weekly Farm Update: Happy First Day of Fall

Weekly Farm Update: Happy First Day of Fall

So basically lots of Fall fun coming at ya over the next few weeks with some farmhouse projects/renovations thrown in there too! Fall decor, fire pit area, flooring decisions, and I’ll still be working on the upstairs bedroom too! And we’ll also be getting all the farm babes ready for cooler weather!

If you missed it I did get the chimney exposed! You can find that HERE! 

Sounds like Fall might just be a wonderful season here at the farm 😉 I hope it is for you too and that you’re it’s first day!

Talk to ya soon! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! 


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