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Holiday Decor Inspiration 2018

Helloooo there!

Can ya believe it’s November? This holiday season snuck up on me! This article is all about my holiday decor inspiration 2018. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve talked a lot about holiday decor. I discussed the pressure to decorate what seems like earlier and earlier every year. While this is something that simply comes with blogging territory I still was feeling a bit torn about it this year.

Let me also preface by saying if you’re one who has your tree up the day after Halloween that’s awesome! If you like to wait until the day after Thanksgiving, that’s awesome! There’s absolutely no judgement here! You do what makes you happy!

This Season

For me I think it’s different year to year. Last year I had ALL my Christmas out already at this time. This year I’m just trying to enjoy the incredibly beautiful Fall we’re having here. On a deeper level I’ve been trying to make more of a conscious effort to live more presently and appreciate the season of life that’s happening now. On a way less deep level I like the inside of my house to match what nature’s doing on the outside of it lol!

Natural Inspiration 

I’ve talked about it before but I don’t think there could ever be anything more inspiring to me than nature. The natural elements I use in my decor tend to be my favorite ones. With that being said, my inspiration for holiday decor this year is came from this current season and the one prior to it 🙂

Not Ready for Snow Just Yet

I’m specifically talking about 3 things; hydrangeas that I got from my friend’s house, the live house plants I’ve had since spring, and this gorgeous natural sage wreath I purchased from a friends shop (pictured at the top). The thing they have in common is that they are all natural, living, real greenery. And I have enjoyed those touches in my home so much! When I was thinking about taking them all down or moving them out of sight to put up all the flocked trees and greenery from last Christmas it just felt odd. It felt like an odd combo or that I was missing a step. I’m not saying I won’t be enjoying all that flocked loveliness sometime, I’m just not quite ready for it yet.

Transitional Seasonal Decor

So my idea has been to come up with some traditional seasonal or holiday decor. Decor that can usher in the holidays and even stay throughout them if I chose.

To be honest it’s greenery that I’ll probably enjoy out all year long because it’s that beautiful, or at least that which has been delivered is! This is why I’m writing this article after all. I don’t have everything I ordered to style and show you and I didn’t want you to have to wait until I did just in case you’d like to order some in time to enjoy at your holidays too!

Holiday Decor Inspiration 2018

Goodness I’m long winded today! But without further ado here’s my holiday decor inspiration 2018 aka what I’ve ordered so far!


Holiday Decor Inspiration 2018

This beautiful Bay Leaf and Rosemary Wreath from Williams Sonoma.


Holiday Decor Inspiration 2018

This Wild Olive Garland is hands down the most beautiful garland I’ve EVER had! And it smells amazing!

Holiday Decor Inspiration 2018

This Olive and Myrtle Wreath from Pottery Barn.

Holiday Decor Inspiration 2018

And finally this Olive and Myrtle Garland from Pottery Barn.

Holiday Decor Inspiration 2018

I love the welcoming rich herb scent and look this greenery provides! These items are all live and will dry and I can enjoy them for many moons to come so merry Christmas to me 😉 Lol! I actually love the idea that I’ll be able to keep these up for as long as I want or even bring them back out in the spring or summer if I decide to put them away at some point. I think they’re a neutral greenery that can be enjoyed in all seasons, but are the perfect transitional holiday decor inspiration 2018! I’m excited to show ya everything once it’s styled!

Hope you’re soaking up every precious minute of this holiday season friend!

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