How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

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We’re in the final stages of renovating the first upstairs farmhouse bedroom! Like every other part of this process it took some research and trial and error to figure out how to fill gaps between floor and wall trim, but we did it!

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How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

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Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

If you remember in previous bedroom progress articles I had mentioned the issue of these wide and in some areas quite tall gaps between the floors and the wall trim. It’s hard to know for sure what was going on originally here and what all has gone on since. But the best guess we have is that floor boards that would have tucked underneath had been removed so that wiring could be run behind the baseboards to these track outlets. Then it was never properly sealed back up. We will still be rewiring the entire upstairs down the road a bit.

However, even when we replaced boards under there the gap between the floor and wall trim was still larger than todays standard quarter round. We were planning to fashion our own somehow when I finally came across a much simpler solution. And believe me, I was doing the happy dance! Lol! Let me explain what we did!

How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

Adding a Floorboard to Fill the Gap

As I mentioned the first thing we did to fill the gap was rip down a floor board to wedge underneath the baseboard trim. We happen to have a stack of old flooring that was removed from Ed’s grandparents farmhouse. There isn’t much but we thought it might come in handy as we renovate and it already has!

It’s a close match to ours being the same width and height (the main part that of importance) and also tongue and groove. It’s pine whereas our is fir but it doesn’t really matter because you won’t actually see it. Adding this floorboard wasn’t only important to fill the gap but to give us something to anchor the new quarter round to.

How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

Filling the Gap with Spray Foam Insulation

After the floorboards were added to the necessary areas I went around and sealed everything up with spray foam insulation. As we’re renovating we’re also trying to make the farmhouse as efficient as possible any chance we get!

Linking the spray foam I used HERE!

I really took my time spraying it slowly and making sure that it completely filled the gap touching the floorboard and underneath of the baseboard. After the spray foam dried I used a box cutter to cut back the access foam so that the new quarter round would fit snuggly against the baseboard trim and floor.

How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

Filling the Gaps with Extra Large Quarter Round

Okay happy dance part! Lol! In my searching I finally found an extra large quarter round option! I checked our measurements several times before ordering these for pick up from Menards. And I’m not gonna lie when I picked the first one up I laughed and stood there for a minute considering because it looked and felt ridiculously big!

But then I thought what do I have to lose at this point. I didn’t come across any other options that were big enough so this is the size it would be even if we tried to make it ourselves. I also had hope that once it was installed it would look normal. Well not only does it look normal, but I actually LOVE it! Whew! Haha!

The quarter round is 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 8. You can find it by clicking HERE!

Adding Quarter Round

The quarter round was only offered in an 8 foot length. So Ed cut the ends at 45° where they met on the straight walls, which creating a really seamless look. He also cut them at 45° angles in the corners. We attached the quarter round using a nail gun. Afterwards I caulked where the quarter round met the trim and in each of the seams. Then I painted everything!

You can find the caulk I used HERE!

And I actually bought it in bulk, which you can find HERE because it took several for this room alone.

How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

How to Fill Gaps Between Floor and Wall Trim

This is the second time Menards came through with a solution option that neither of the other 2 competitor stores I typically prefer didn’t offer. Go Menards! Sooo now that the gaps are filled all there was left to do was seal the floors!! Eeeek! I cannot wait to show you how this room has turned out! Wrap up post coming soon before I start movng in furniture and decor!

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