How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run

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I made a little more chicken coop progress this week that I just HAD to share with ya! Including how to plant roses beside a chicken run without them destroying them!

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Keep Your Roses Safe!

I knew I wanted to do a little landscaping around the run this year still, but I also know that chickens will eat/destroy just about anything they can get their beaks on! Lol! So I came up with a FREE solution that’s working wonderfully and looks adorable too!

Galvanized Water Troughs!

We have a few galvanized water troughs on the property and these 2 were already near the coop and in pretty rough shape, which was exactly what I wanted! Ed helped me cut out the rusty bottoms and bump outs with a reciprocating saw. So then I was left with a something that would surround and protect the roses, but also still allow me to plant them in the ground!

The roses I planted are a climbing variety called Blaze roses and they will be a bright reddish pink color when they bloom! I’m hoping they’ll climb up and along the chicken wire run!

**Not pictured but I did add a couple inches of mulch on top of the dirt around the roses.

How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run

How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run

How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run

How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run

A Couple More Chicken Run Updates

I also went ahead and stained the nesting boxes that are in the the run with a transparent cedar stain. It really made them look nice and will help preserve them too! There are the same amount of nesting boxes inside the coop too, which is a lot of nesting boxes lol! Someone definitely had quite the poultry operation here at one point for sure!

You can find the stain I used HERE!

Then I added some little “kickstands” for the walkways and painted them and the support boards white!

How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run

How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run

More Chicken Coop and Run Progress

Then I went ahead and painted the tops of the posts basically because they were bugging me! Lol! We’ll be adding a roof or pergola of some kind over the run soon! It will extend from under the windows to the posts. So depending on how we build it we may or may not be cutting them off a bit.

I’ll also be adding some window sashes and chicken wire to the windows across the top soon. After that we have to have some dirt brought in to help support the back of the coop because the concrete foundation is leaning outward. Once that’s firmed up we’ll finish the roof and install new flooring in the coop.

How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run


How to Plant Roses Beside a Chicken Run


Planting Roses Beside the Chicken Run

We’ll be waiting for some cooler weather for some of the other renovations, but I think the chickens already love their oldie improved coop and run! 😉 And really the “Before” and “After” photos speak for themselves! I’m SO happy with how it’s coming together! What do you think?

You can read more about our 100 year old chicken coop renovation HERE! 

Have an amazing day and thanks so much for stopping by the blog!


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