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How to Shop Vintage on the Facebook Marketplace

Hello there!

One of the most common questions I get asked is where do I find the vintage and antique treasures that adorn our home. I decided to address that question with a mini series of articles the first being on how to shop vintage on the Facebook Marketplace šŸ™‚

Shopping theĀ Facebook Marketplace

First of all if you’re not familar with the Facebook Marketplace it’s the section on Facebook where you can buy and sell things. The icon for it, on my phone anyway, is located in the center at the bottom and looks like a little store front. And I highly recommend using it! However, I’ve had several people reach out to me saying that they never see or find anything good in their area.

How I Use the Facebook Marketplace

For me the Facebook Marketplace has all but replaced Craigslist. For one thing I feel more comfortable using it because you can view profiles and reviews of buyers and sellers. I also personally find it to be more user friendly. As far as having more vintage or antiques available from location to location, I’m sure it varies somewhat but I’ve found that it mostly depends less on what you’re searching or more on how you’re searching it.

How I Search for Vintage on the Facebook Marketplace

When I’m “shopping” the Facebook Marketplace I’m rarely browsing, but instead using looking for something specific. So here’s what I do and it has worked every time, with some patience, or course!

  1. Search often! If I’m hunting for something then I’ll usually try to hop on and check for it everyday or every other day. Things get snatched up quick on there especially if they’re a good deal! Let’s face it for me it’s always as much about getting a great deal as it is finding what I’m looking for!
  2. Search broadly! This is my most helpful tip! What do I mean by this? Well I’ve found that most people don’t know the actual names of antiques. Some know what specific pieces are called and others just generalize when they list them. So I try to think like I’m the lister and I don’t know what the vintage item is called! I’ll give some examples of this below!
  3. Expand the search area! If you’re willing to drive a bit further than there’s the option to widen the search area too!
  4. Change the search areas central location! It also gives you the option to move the central location. So you can see what available in a 30 mile radius around your town or any other. When I’m searching, and again willing to drive further, I’ll adjust the central location of the search.
  5. Be patient! Personally I’ll wait for a deal. I spent almost a year looking for the big cupboard in our living room because I knew what I wanted and I knew what I was willing to pay. Patience has always paid off for me šŸ˜‰

How to Shop Vintage on the Facebook Marketplace

Searching for a Vintage Chair on the Marketplace

When I was searching for my vintage chair on the Marketplace here are some examples of what I searched: vintage chair(s), antique chair(s), old chair(s), upholstered chair(s), and chair with ottoman. I can usually browse through the searches pretty quickly because I know what I’m looking for. If you type those different searches it’s interesting to see the variety that pops up from one to another.

I got this chair and ottoman for $60 and then had it reupholstered. You can read all about that HERE!

How to Shop Vintage on the Facebook Marketplace

Searching for a Vintage CupboardĀ 

This is most definitely one of my fav scores from the Marketplace! When hunting for it here’s what I searched: vintage cabinet, old cabinet, primitive cabinet, cupboard, old cupboard, and last but not least hoosier cabinet. People seem to call everything a hoosier cabinet lol. This beauty was $200 and took 4 grown men to get in in our house! You can read more about it HERE!

How to Shop Vintage on the Facebook Marketplace

Searching for a Table on the Facebook Marketplace

This table was probably the best deal I ever got on the marketplace! I paid $10 for this beauty! When looking for it here’s what I searched: round table, antique round table, old round table, vintage round table, and vintage table. You getting the idea? Just use specific AND also broad terms when searching!

How to Shop Vintage on the Facebook Marketplace

Searching for a Bakers Cabinet

This was the one where I played the waiting game for awhile. I also had to broaden my search a bit. I wanted this piece and I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get it even if it meant having to drive a little further. When searching for the cabinet I used these terms: bakers cabinet, possum belly cabinet, antique cabinet, old cabinet, and again hoosier cabinet.

Getting a Good Deal

What I found when looking for it was that when people listed it as a “bakers cabinet” they knew what it was and therefore it’s value. So the price was significantly higher than when I searched old cabinet or hoosier cabinet. Which is what this beaut was listed as and I snagged it for a cool $250 and drove an hour and a half to pick her up! Worth it! I can’t wait to put her in my kitchen one day! But for now she’s serving as a repurposed desk in our office!

How to Shop Vintage on the Facebook Marketplace

The article is called ‘How to Shop Vintage on the Facebook Marketplace’ howeverĀ I’m not claiming to be an antique expert by any means! Just passing on what has worked for me inĀ hopes that it will work for you too! Happy shopping friend!


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