Indoor Boxwood Topiary

Hello friend! 

New plants and greenery is one of my favorite ways to welcome springtime – and combat those winter blues! This year I splurged on these indoor boxwood topiary and I’m sooo happy I did! 

I’ve wanted these plants for years and had every intention of making my own, which I still plan to so stay tuned ;), but when I went to the greenhouse and saw these beauties they hopped in my cart and that was that! Lol! 

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Indoor Boxwood Topiary

Indoor Boxwood Topiary

Indoor Boxwood Topiary

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Where are the Boxwood Topiary From

I got these at one of my favorite greenhouses in southern IL, Plant Land. They have an amazing selection, knowledgable and friendly staff! Plus their 2 sweet puppy dogs, a kitty, and a bird for mascots make visiting so fun!

More About the Boxwood Topiary

These topiary were made from Green Mountain Boxwoods. They are 6-8 years old. It takes a long time and a lot of training to get them to this size – 100% worth it in my opinion! I was told to plant them ground or dirt level. They’re also a hardy plant for my fellow friends who are still working on your green thumbs! 

Indoor Boxwood Topiary

Pots, Saucer, and Wheels

Tractor SupplyPots

It’s hard to find plants when I’m ready for them here this early in southern IL and it turns out it was also a challenge to find a pot in the style and size I wanted too. I took a chance on these Algreen Valencia pots from Home Depot because except for not being terra cotta they were exactly what I was looking for! 

They’re called polystone and I wasn’t sure what they would look like or feel like in person but I’m super impressed! You would never know they aren’t a true pottery AND you can feel good about the fact that they’re made out of completely recycled material! 


The saucers I found were the biggest I could track down in the closest color I could find. They’ll have to do until they restock at the green houses and Home Depot! You can find them HERE


And when you have pots this heavy you’re gonna want wheels! I found THESE and love that I could switch them out if I ever wanted!

Indoor Boxwood Topiary

Faux Options

I know not everyone has access to live boxwood topiary so I thought I would share a couple faux options that I’ve definitely had my eye on! One is a double ball and one a triple. Click the pics below for both options which have great reviews!


Indoor Boxwood Topiary

I hope you enjoyed this little welcome of springtime as much as we do! Adding in greenery real or faux is a perfect way to liven up any space! Green just feels good! Haha! I’m working on adding lots of other spring touches to this room and that’ll be up for ya next Thursday along with a few blogger friends of mine sharing their springtime homes!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! 

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