Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

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I’m so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our farm fam! Meet our Great Pyrenees LGD puppy Henry! Let me tell you the (puppy) love story of how we met! 😉

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Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

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Meeting Henry

Last Friday I got to meet him and his current farm family for the first time. Unfortunately Ed wasn’t able to go along, but he trusted me to find our boy especially since I’ll be his primary caregiver and co-worker 😉 It was the BEST day guys! We got first pick male from the litter so it was really nice that they let us wait until the puppies were a bit older before choosing. This way we were able to see some personality traits. Henry was exactly 4 weeks old.

You can read about why we’re adding a Great Pyrenees to our farm HERE!

Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

He Picked Me!

I was hoping a puppy would choose me and I would just know! Because my goodness aren’t they all so sweet?! Well lucky for me that’s exactly what happened! If you don’t follow me on Instagram @midcounty_journal I took some videos while I was and you can still view them on my profile under “Henry LGD”.

Samantha (their current farm momma) let me just sit and hang out with them. Henry caught my eye right away because he seemed to be watching me. Then he came over wagging his little tail and started playing with me. You know how when you meet someone you connect with right away? That’s exactly what it was like! He knew and then I knew 🙂

He came and curled up for a nap on my lap and I told Samatha I think this is him 🙂 Then shortly after when I walked back into their room from eating lunch he came right over and sat on my foot, officially sealing the deal and stealing my heart! I’ve heard this is how dogs claim you. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but Samatha said his daddy does the same thing to her! He was also the most outgoing and independent of the litter, which were traits I was on the lookout for.

Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

First Pry paw!

Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

Naming Him

Henry is a name I’ve been holding onto since we moved to the farm. It’s the oldest name we’ve found carved into the barn and I wanted to save it for someone special. After meeting him I felt like it was a perfect fit!

Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

Meeting His Family

It was also wonderful to be able to meet both of his parents who are working LGDs on their farm. They were both so sweet and gentle and happy to meet me. Along with being raised with working parents and lots of farm animals they’re also loved on by 4 kiddos daily.

Bringing Henry Home

We won’t be bringing Henry home until he’s 12 weeks old. We want him to have every opportunity to learn from his parents who are both working LGDs on their farm guarding chickens, goats, and donkeys. This will help set him up for success on our farm.

BUT also I am already dying to bring him home and snuggle him up! Lol! I knew I was going to choose a new member of our family. One that will probably be the most important because of his job here. What I didn’t expect was how fast I’d fall in love with him! I was so sad to leave!

Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

Meet Our Great Pyrenees LGD Puppy!

Ed and I will be making a couple more trips to visit him before he comes home. And Samatha is kind enough to send daily photos of him with us so I’ll be sharing him lots with you! We cannot wait to watch this little squishy, fluffy, polar bear of a pup grow and become the protector of our farm! Thinking about him meeting everyone here is so exciting!

I’ve learned a ton about working LGDs and their incredible instincts from lots of research already, but I know getting to watch them in action will be a truly amazing thing!

I shared why we chose a Great Pyrenees as an LGD HERE!

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