Midcounty Market

Hey there! Welcome to Midcounty Market! I’m so excited to be able to offer you some adorable downloadable prints of our Babydoll Sheep! Plus lots more fun things to come! 😉 All proceeds go directly to the restoration and renovation of our farmhouse and homestead! Thank you so much for your support! I hope you enjoy!

Download Instructions

  1. When you find the prints you love you’ll add them to the cart!
  2. When you’re ready to view your cart, click ‘view cart’ which will appear under each photo you’ve added to it
  3. After viewing your cart, if you’re ready to checkout you’ll click proceed to checkout
  4. Then you’ll fill out the billing information, and be sure and click that you’ve read the terms and conditions
  5. Next you’ll hit the ‘Proceed to Paypal’, login, and make you puchase
  6. Once your order has gone through YOU MUST CLICK THE RETURN TO MERCHANT BUTTON! This will bring you back to the page where you’ll find your download waiting for you in a purple box that has the name of your print in it! If you don’t see it refresh the page! If you still have issues email at midcountyjournal@yahoo.com and please include your order number and print selection, and I’ll get them sent right over!
  7. Once you have your print downloaded you can print it at home or the store of your choosing!

Quick Video Tutorial Below

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