New and Antique Farmhouse Rugs

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I’m really excited to share our antique kitchen rug with you and talk all about new and antique farmhouse rugs in general! Y’all know my vintage loving heart and in our kitchen, which has lots of new stuff, it was just called for another antique element! So I hunted and hunted for the perfect one and was SO happy to have stumbled across RugSource in my search! Today I’ll share the rug I got and why, along with some other awesome rug options I love!

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New and Antique Farmhouse Rugs

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Finding an Antique Farmhouse Rug

Rug shopping online can feel a bit overwhelming. I like Rug Source because they do offer both antique and new rugs. They also share multiple photos of each and have great customer service when responding to specific questions.

I was looking for a runner that was neutral toned, big surprise I know lol, and went well with our flooring! I also wanted something that had a more simple design, again shocker ha! My goal was to add a vintage textile element that pulled the tones from our wallpaper mural across to this side of the room.

The scale of the rug was another thing I considered when looking. I knew I wanted it to be fairly wide and I also wanted it to be at least 12 ft long so that it would be visible sticking out on each side of the island. When I’m not sure about the scale of something or the size I might want I like to tape out different options on the floor ahead of time so I have a visual.

New and Antique Farmhouse Rugs

New and Antique Farmhouse Rugs

This Rug’s the One!

I was so excited to finally find this antique runner that was exactly what I had in mind! I say finally because if you’re shopping for a specific antique it may take awhile before you find it. I even ended up buying a different rug for in here that just wasn’t quite right for this room. That rug came from a different source that didn’t offer too many photos unlike the rugs at RugSource, but I’ll definitely be using somewhere else in the house so it’s all good.

Isn’t she pretty though?! I’m so so happy with this rug! It’s simple, has the right tones, and at 3 x 14 ft it’s the perfect size! Really after I found RugSource it was easy to narrow it down quickly because you can filter their inventory by color, size, style, age, and shape!

New and Antique Farmhouse Rugs

More New and Antique Rugs

Here are some of my other current favorites from RugSource! Click on the images to check them out! These are more neutral options but they have lots of beautiful colorful ones too!


New and Antique Farmhouse Rugs

New and Antique Farmhouse Rugs

It’s been fun searching for the perfect rug runner and discovering so many awesome rugs along the way! Antique textiles are something I’m very interested in and enjoy learning more about as I incorporate them throughout our farmhouse. Really I’m just excited about being about being able to start decorating this home! Whoo hoo!

I hope you find RugSource to be a helpful resource on your decorating journey! I’ll link some other kitchen articles and product sources below! Thank you so so much for stopping by the blog today! It means more than you know!

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