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New “Old” Breakfast Nook Table

Hi friend!

Spring projects are in full swing in our little house! Some bigger than others, this one being a not so big one but worth sharing for sure. Below is a picture of the table I used to have in the space. Nothing really “wrong” with it, well except that once upon a time I nearly ruined it with chalkpaint I had attempted to make myself haha! The other thing that I didn’t like about this table is that it sat flat on the floor and scratched it up. Anyway it was a yard sale find that I was happy to part with for the perfect table 😉

The Table

I looked for this beaut for awhile but she was worth the wait and for $10 a steal too! Yep you read that right! I scored the table for $10 on the Marketplace! We just had to drive an hour to pick it up 😉

When we first set it in here I actually didn’t hate all the warmth it brought to the space but decided to let it sit for a couple days and see how I felt since my original plan had been to paint it.

The Inevitable

But by the end of that first evening I knew I would paint it haha! You see our sunroom is small and with the tobacco basket and ammo box coffee table it was just wayyy too much wood for me in a place that I wanted to feel crisp and light. Plus like I’ve said before you can always take paint back. Plus I’ve never painted anything white that I’ve regretted 😉

I’ve been wanted to try out Rustleum chalkpaint for a while now because I have some friends who rave about its quality and price so this was the perfect opportunity.

The “>Rustoleum paint that I got is Linen White and I had some of the “>Valspar paint on hand in Her Dainties. You can see the color comparison below.


One of the perks of chalk paint is that it requires no prep work or sanding. However, if the piece has a lot polyurethane or lacquer (if it’s super glossy looking) then I like to sand it a bit anyway. This just ensures that the paint will really bond to the wood.


The Rustoleum in Linen White is a very bright white, brighter than I was wanting. So I decided to start with it as a base coat and then save the Valspar in Her Dainties for either the top coat or to mix with some of the Rustoleum paint. I was honestly shocked by how great the Rustoleum paint covered though! Below is a picture of the first coat and the second coat.

For the third coat I ended up mixing the 2 colors to soften or lighten the Valspar Her Dainties color a bit because it was more yellow than I was wanting but the Rustoleum Linen White was too white. Haha! Hopefully that makes sense to ya! I didn’t measure or anything, just added Her Dainties to the Linen White until it looked right 🙂

Custom Color

And here’s the color I ended up with! It’s definitely white but not as bright or stark as the Linen White on it’s own and not nearly as yellow or dark as Her Dainties.

As far as product comparison goes the Rustoleum paint is half the price and just as good of quality! I was really impressed! I’ll definitely be going back to it the next time I paint and I would assume Home Depot can tint this white in any color.

After the paint dried over night I ended up sealing it with “>Valspar Furniture wax, which I also had on hand.

Paint Equals Potential 

I love the results! It’s amazing how paint can give new life to an old piece of furniture! It feels so bright and fresh in this spot! I can already tell that much coffee will be sipped around this table, and coincidentally some blogging too as I’m currently enjoying this space 😉

Hope you’re creating spaces in your home you love too!


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