Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

Hey friend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I’ve been doing a little online memorial day patio sale browsing and thought I’d share some finds that I’m loving! I’ve mentioned before that even though we have a million other projects going on I’m also making it more a priority to find time to rest, relax, and enjoy this place we get to call home!

And creating cozy outdoor seating areas ranks high on that priority list as we welcome nicer weather 🙂 I linked each product above them or you can also click each photo for the link! Enjoy!

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Patio Set

I love the look of this patio set so much! Woods and white are my jam and I love it’s clean simple lines.

You can find this set HERE!

Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020


Double Chaise Lounge

Okay this sweet chaise double lounge might be my favorite find!! So pretty and looks so comfy too! I NEED this for our backyard!!!

You can find it HERE!

Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

Adirondack Chair

So I actually built 2 of these chairs (with the help of my brother, thank Alex!) like 5ish years ago. No I didn’t blog the build, shoot! But actually still have one left! One didn’t make the move lol! Anyway I love this style of chair for around the fire pit and this one has a cup holder! And I don’t see having time to build more anytime soon but ya never know 😉

You can find this one HERE!

Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

Single Chaise Lounge

I definitely have some backyard plans that a couple of these would complete! I think I’ve had them in my cart for a couple years lol! Again I love the white and wood. I also love that these have wheels and a cute little side table built in!

You can find them HERE!

Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

Hammock Swing

When I saw this hammock swing was on sale I had to share it with y’all! We have one and LOVE it! We’ve had it for several years. We take it down in the winter and it’s held up really well! We’ll be hanging it in a tree here at the farm soon!

You can find the hammock swing HERE!

Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

Outdoor Rugs

Tractor SupplyJute Rug

A couple other things I spotted, love, and had to share are these outdoor rugs! Y’all know my love for jute rugs in general and this one is made for indoor/outdoor use and comes in a ton of size options! These rugs help define an outside space and cozy it up with so much texture and interest!

You can find this jute rug HERE!

Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

Striped Rug

I also love stripes! I have them in just about every room I think so this rug would be a great way to pull that pattern outside and keep the outdoors connected and cohesive with the indoors!

You can find this outdoor striped rug HERE!


Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

Copper Fire Pit

And lastly I had to share this awesome hammered copper fire pit because this thing is just so cool! We’re definitely on the hunt for a fire pit like this so I may do a whole post dedicated to different options I’m loving soon!

You can find this fire pit HERE!

Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

Online Memorial Day Patio Sale 2020

I know this Memorial Day and kick off to summer looks a lot different for most people this year. But I truly hope you are still able to enjoy the weekend!

Take care and stay safe!

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