Our Babydoll Ram Lamb is Here!

Hey friend!

Our babydoll ram lamb is here! Y’all meet sweet – and sassy 😉 Griffin! I brought him home Friday! He was raised on a farm being shown for 4-H. Even though it will take him a bit to get used to us and his new home he’s sweet as pie and loves tummy rubs!

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Into the Flock

The other sheep immediately ran towards Griffin and him to them. They smelled each others faces and then trotted off together instantly accepting him into the flock 🙂 He seems to really like the ladies 😉

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Ram Behavior

But I’m also already seeing those behavioral differences I’ve read and heard about in rams. If you watch the video clip below you’ll see what I’m talking about lol! He’s already trying to be tough, but with the face of a teddy bear it’s hard to take him seriously! Lol!

They’re Called Rams for a Reason

Babydoll rams are known to be more easy going and friendly than other breeds. However, rams do have to be treated a bit differently. Even though we’ll shower this baby with love like the others we also have to be watchful of ram behavior and make sure he knows who the boss is.

We’ve been advised not to pet him on the head because that encourages him to use his head to demand attention, which can lead to ramming. Also not turning your back on them and just generally being more observant. We hope to raise a sweet gentle boy because getting rammed doesn’t sound like much fun lol!

Video Clip

The video clip of his fiesty self is linked below!



More About Griffin

Griffin is about 2 weeks younger than our other lambs. His mother was a champion in the show ring and he’s an excellent example of the breed’s standard. Of course we would love him no matter what, but we love that he’ll be contributing to reflect what this beautiful qualities of this breed!

Griffin and both our ewes, Clementine and Penelope, are registered through NABSSAR He comes from a different farm and bloodline than the ewes so we there won’t be any interbreeding. He will stay with the flock this summer and we’ll be seperating him and Theodore our wether (castrated male) in late summer early fall before the ewes come in heat for the first time. Babydolls come in heat yearly when the weather cools down. We don’t want our ewes bred this year since they are so young. So before that time comes he and Theodore will be moved to a separate pasture so everyone still has a friend 😉 Sheep need sheep! Then next Fall we’ll allow them to be together!

Our Babydoll Ram Lamb is Here!

We already love this sweet boy and are excited to watch him grow and thrive here at the farm! I’m so glad we get to share him so you can enjoy him right along with us!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!


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