Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

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I can’t hardly write this one fast enough I’m SO excited to FINALLY be sharing our farmhouse bedroom reveal!!! Ahhh!! I poured my heart into this room and you know you got it right when the result feels like home 🙂

I had hoped to be able to photograph the room on a cheerful sunshiny day, but nature had other things in mind 😉 And maybe a perfectly cloudy, chilly Fall day is more fitting anyway 🙂 So grab a cup of coffee or cocoa, and curl up in your favorite chair and enjoy my friend!

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Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

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Welcome to Our Farmhouse Bedroom!

I wanted to keep the room in true farmhouse fashion – very simple and functional, and to let the architectural details steal the show, as they should! Exposing the chimneys beautiful natural brick creates a warm focal point that draws you into the room immediately.

I kept the paint palette singular in the bedroom with the walls, ceiling, and all the trim being the same very true white. I love the affect it has! When you’re standing in the room your eye is drawn up and around the unique ceiling line and walls, which are covered in the homes’ original gorgeous tongue and groove board.

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Farmhouse Bed and Bedding

Obviously one of the most important pieces of furniture in a bedroom is the bed! I love that this one from The Home Depot has a very vintage feel, and at a great price point too! As I’m developing my own, sure to be ever evolving style, I like to keep things light and bright. However, I never want the space to feel stark. Instead I strive to create a healthy balance of warmth and contrast too.

Tractor SupplyBed and Textiles

One way I achieve that balance is by choosing a light or white piece of furniture as the biggest piece in the room, which is what I did here with the bed and bedding. I had shared some bedding options I found in my hunt for some new bedding, but it came down to comfort for me 😉

You can check out the farmhouse bedding options I shared HERE!

Linen is always one of my favorite fabrics! It’s light and breathable and gets softer with each wash. I chose this beautiful white linen duvet that I’m in love with and I don’t care who knows it! Lol! We may or may not have already started watching Christmas movies haha! Who knows the reference?

I really love the wrinkly undone look of linen too. It’s relatable lol! And stuffed with a very plush down comforter on top of the nicest, softest sheets I’ve ever slept on, our bed feels like a cozy retreat 🙂

With the cherry on top, for a bit of contrast I added my all time favorite grain sack pillow! Ps sleeping with a body pillow is a game changer in case you didn’t know 😉

You can find the bed HERE!

Linking our linen bedding HERE!

You can find our amazing sheet set HERE!

Grain sack pillow linked HERE!

Rug and Primitive Wooden Box


After choosing the big white piece of furniture I needed to ground it. I did this using a rug I already had on hand. I LOVE this rug and will actually be ordering it in a bigger size for the room soon. It offers the right amount of contrast and interest in the center of the room.

 Linking the rug HERE!

Wooden Box

Because I was craving a bit more contrast I painted this perfectly sized primitive wooden box I’ve had for awhile with Fusion Mineral Coal Black paint and then distressed it a bit. I love how it turned out! Plus it’s a great place to store extra blankets!

The plant on top is real. It’s called Baby tears and I’ve had it for several years haha! But I love how it livens up the room with some greenery that’s spilling over the edges.

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Nightstands, Lighting, Art, and Windows


The nightstands were an antique find. I actually made them by deconstructing a different piece of furniture. I’ll be sharing that easy tutorial with ya next week! But I love how they turned out! I wanted them to be a darker wood toned element in the room as well as having a bit more ornate or detailed style. They also offer lots of storage!

For these photos I rolled them further away from the bed to highlight the windows, but their castors make moving them a snap! On top of them are some candles because don’t forget the romance 😉 and a vintage clock and crock!


Let’s start with the ceiling light! I chose a very classic schoolhouse style light with a black base. While I love mixing metals, you can expect to see black fixtures in several places throughout the farmhouse 🙂

This includes our wall sconces! Who remembers these from our last house? Yep I definitely took them with us and am happy to be using them again! These are actually hardwire outdoor lights that Ed modified as wall mount plugin ones.

You can find the schoolhouse light HERE!

And I’m linking the wall sconces HERE!


Art is one of my FAVORITE things! Always has been, especially vintage art! I knew I wanted an understated moody landscape piece to flank each side of the bed. Since I had some vintage frames on hand I decided to shop my favorite place for art when I’m wanted something specific – Etsy!

I bought both of these downloadable art prints for $5.99 each and had them printed at Staples as 8x10s on matte paper. I couldn’t love them more!

You can check them out HERE! 


I added a single divider window sash to the windows. This is what all of the original windows in the house had. If I had been the one to chose the new windows I would have picked ones with it. However, adding them is so easy!

I purchased them for our living windows, but have since gotten smart and realized how easy they are to make yourself! Tutorial coming soon as I’ll be adding them to the rest of the windows throughout the house! It’s amazing what a difference this simple detail makes!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Wardrobe and Chifforobe

The other side of the room holds our clothing storage. After living in old houses for a long time you get used to not having closets, and to be honest I’d prefer a big old chunky piece of furniture over a closet any day 😉

We’ve had these pieces of furniture for a long time, and that’s the beauty of classic antiques they are timeless 🙂 The white wardrobe I milk painted for a yummy chippy affect, and the chifforobe I left in its perfect natural state. It has sentimental value as it belonged to Ed’s grandmother’s mother.

On top of the wardrobe is a vintage laundry basket, which we do use. And on the chifforobe is a vintage shoe mold, which feels at home in a bedroom, and a vintage inspired fan because where are my fellow fan sleepers? Lol! You may also notice the original wall light beside the chifforobe. I still need to get a glass cover for it, but I love that 2 of the upstairs bedrooms have these! They were once gas fueled lights powered by methane from… chicken poop! Haha! The gas lines are no longer hooked up.

You can find the fan HERE!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Seating and Mirror

I wanted some furniture/decor to frame and highlight the cutie little windows in this room. And two things that are bedroom ‘musts’ for me are; a place to sit and a mirror to check yourself out in 😉 I stole this chair from our living room! I’ve been waiting to see it in this room for almost a year! It’s a perfect fit adding a bit more of that detailed French country vibe.

On the other side of the room I placed this vintage mirror we found here in the basement 🙂 It tucks perfectly in this spot too! And I’m sure you know it makes my vintage loving hear happy!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Door and Hardware


I struggled with this bedroom door. If you follow me on Instagram you know this lol! I sanded almost an entire side before deciding I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go natural wood. Then once we got more furniture in the room and set the half sanded door in place I just didn’t love it. So white she went! I may eventually do something different with it, but for now I’m happy 🙂


This amazing door hardware became a part of the room I’m happy to say I took my time restoring. It’s the same hardware we have throughout the house. I took it off along with the hinges. Then I stripped all the millions of layers of paint off of it. After that I painted it back to it’s original color, which I could see on the flip side of the part pictured below. I’ll share more about this process with the next door! 😉

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Before and After

How’s this for a before and after! This was the very first picture I had taken of this room before we even bought the farmhouse. She’s come a long way from purple walls and yucky carpet y’all!

And in case you missed how I got her here I’m linking all the bedroom articles for ya below!

See my design plan for the room HERE! It’s pretty close! 

I made some Bedroom progress HERE!

All the paint details HERE!

See the completed room before furnishings HERE! 


Something else I wanted to add to this article is the total cost of this room’s renovation. It’s something I always wonder about when I read blogs because we all have different budgets. Also I feel like I mention pretty frequently that we’re renovating on a no debt or as we can afford it budget and I want you to know what that looks like for this room.

Here’s a quick estimated breakdown

  • primer, paint, paint supplies, caulk $200
  • chimney cap and patch drywall $40
  • wood filler $20
  • foam sealer, quarter round molding, $100
  • floor sander rental and sand paper $500
  • square hand sander, belt sander $100
  • floor sealer $120
  • lighting $100
  • nightstands $120
  • bed $320
  • bedding $200
  • art $12

Total – $1832

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

Our Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal!

I hope you did enjoy our farmhouse bedroom reveal tour! It’s my favorite room in the house! There’s nothing like bringing an idea in your head to life! Ed will be rewiring the upstairs at some point, but except for that this is also the only room in the house that is what I would consider done. This makes it a great peek at what’s to come for the rest of the house 🙂

There’s no doubt that renovating/restoring is a labor of love, but I would also add it’s a labor of learning. It involves a lot of problem solving and figuring it out as you go. I have learned so much from this bedroom, and I’m excited to move on to the next room with a much clearer plan of attack! But I think I’ll take a nap here first 😉

Thank you SO much for stopping by the blog today!


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