Our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Plan

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I hope this finds you well! I had been waiting to share our farmhouse kitchen design plan until we started the kitchen renovation and that day has come! In a sense it arrived quite unexpectedly. You see we are renovating this old farmhouse ourselves on what we refer to as a “no debt” budget aka as we can afford to do so out of pocket.

A kitchen is a massive project and expense if done all at once. So we decided to start with the floors. We’ve spent the better part of 2 weekends removing all of the existing flooring, which I’ll be sharing with you soon. However, in the middle of that process we decided now would be a good time to go ahead and tackle a few other things while we’re making such a mess! And this has led me to go ahead and reveal all of our kitchen design plans with ya now!

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Our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Plan

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Farmhouse Kitchen Design Plan

Yep I’m old school haha! I still prefer a quick sketch of what’s in my head, but this is the first time I’ve shared one!

Tractor SupplyWhat’s Staying

The only elements that will be staying in the kitchen are the ones we’ve added since moving in. Which are the appliances and kitchen island. Everything else will be replaced or is just outta here!

I’m linking our refrigerator HERE! 

And linking our oven HERE! 


I’ll walk you through the design from the floor up. We’ll be installing pine planked flooring that will be stained a very light aged wood inspired tone. We are counting on the softer wood to get scratched, knicked, and well worn over time further creating the aged look. However, if sealed properly they hold up well.

I shared how I’ll be achieving that look HERE!

After the floors are stained we’ll be giving them a white washed checkerboard pattern in 24×24 checks that run diagonally across the room. I fell in love with the English style checkerboard flooring years ago and can’t wait to incorporate this time period appropriate element in our kitchen!

Every time we watch the movie “Little Women” with Wynona Ryder I have to pause it to marvel at the flooring in Orchard House! 😉 I was also inspired by designer Nora Murphy’s checkered floors, which give the look a modern twist using larger scale checks. Since our kitchen is fairly large I think they’ll be perfect!

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Plan

photo credit: Nora Murphy

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Plan


Another part of the kitchen design that we’ve decided to tackle is the walls. The previous owner had already gutted and drywalled the house removing most of the original shiplap that was below the plaster. Well we’re bringing it back! The three walls in the kitchen, leaving out the wallpapered wall will be shiplaped.

We’ll be removing the drywall from the exterior wall so that we can further insulate it and correct the door moldings, which are currently flush with the drywall. Then we’ll be adding 6 inch shiplap to the entire wall. This also means we’ll finally be adding the window moldings to the kitchen windows! Yay!

The same will be done on the interior wall that’s adjacent from the exterior one because the door frame that leads to the back living room or what will be the sunroom has the same issue.

The wall on which the chimney is on we’ll be shiplapping over the top of the existing drywall. This is the mess that I don’t want on our new flooring! So we’ll be starting on the walls this weekend prior to laying the new flooring. We’ll be leaving the chimney exposed.


We’ll be replacing the base cabinets with shaker style cabinets and quartz countertops eventually, but will be replacing the existing ones for now. However, the upper cabinets will be coming down and not going back up! I’ll be building two (possibly three) rows of upper shelving, again a nod to the time period of our home. The shelving will flank the chimney on either side of the oven and refrigerator as will the base cabinets once replaced. The bottom row of shelving will have a shaker peg board running its length. The peg rail idea was inspired by a kitchen design from Grit and Polish.

We’ll also be building an exhaust hood for above the range. These projects will take place after the flooring is complete. Once the base cabinets are replaced I’ll be adding a large vintage cabinet of some kind in place of the cabinets on the righthand side of the room as pictured.

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Plan

photo credit: Grit and Polish

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Plan


Although not shown in my sketch, we’ll be adding recessed lighting along with some schoolhouse pendants over the island.

Trim and Molding

Finally once everything else is complete we’ll add baseboard and crown molding!

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Plan

As will all the plans for this old farmhouse things can happen along the way that force us to pivot and change things up, but we’ve learned to enjoy the process! I’ll be going into more specific details as we execute each part of the kitchen renovation, but I am so excited to finally share what has been in my head for over a year! Little by little we’ll be bringing it to life, which is always pure magic! And now you’ll have been in on it from the very beginning!

Thank you for being on this journey with us and sharing in our excitement!

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