Our New Amelia Sofa from Sixpenny

Hello there!

We got a new sofa!! Y’all I cannot tell you how excited I am about this for two reasons! 1. I ordered it back in July so it’s been a long time comin! Lol! And 2. I actually have a living room that big enough for a full sized sofa AND I still have room to rearrange furniture say whaaaat!?

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    Our New Amelia Sofa from Sixpenny

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Comfy Reasons to Love the Amelia Sofa

But seriously this Amelia sofa from Sixpenny is truly what my sofa dreams are made of! Let’s start with comfort. It’s probably the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever sat on! We chose down filled cushions and lemme tell ya they’re a game changer! I also love that it has the feel of all our antique furniture!

Our New Amelia Sofa from Sixpenny where comfort meets design

 Comfort Meets Design with the Amelia Sofa

The part where comfort meets great design is also in those cushions! I was drawn to the simplicity of it having one single back cushion and one single seat cushion but as it turns out that makes it super comfy too! Because you don’t have cushions sinking in on the corners or moving around at all! Win win! Oh and the seat cushion is nice and deep for snoozing on, which was Ed’s one request 🙂

Our New Amelia Sofa from Sixpenny white linen fabric

A Huge Reason Why I Chose the Amelia Sofa

I also chose the Amelia sofa for a very specific reason. I love the lower profile back. It’s still plenty tall for comfort but it’s also short enough that it doesn’t block the view out our windows because that view is what country living is all about, right?!

Our New Amelia Sofa from Sixpenny

Sixpenny Fabric Choice

The fabric is just gorgeous too! Y’all know my long love for white slipcovered furniture! Well this fabric has taken it to another level! We chose the cotton linen fabric in Pacific Pearl and couldn’t be happier with it!

Our New Amelia Sofa from Sixpenny

Our New Amelia Sofa from Sixpenny

So there you have it! So many reasons to love our new Amelia sofa from Sixpenny! It’s such high quality and was definitely worth the wait! The Amelia fits our home’s style and the needs of our little family! What more could you ask for from a sofa? We hope to enjoy it for a long time to come!

I hope you enjoyed stopping by our home today and have left feeling inspired in some small way!

Take care!

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