Our New Hallman Range!

Hello there!

Soooo clearly we’ve been keeping some exciting news a secret for a bit! It’s our new Hallman range! We got it a few weeks ago but it had to be professionally installed per the warranty requirements and I wanted us to have a chance to use it for a bit before I shared and reviewed it!

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Our New Hallman Range!

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Our New Hallman Range and Review

Well now we have and the verdict is in. We are obsessed!! It’s everything we were looking for! We did a ton of oven research before making this (rather large) purchase, but we always kept coming back to the Hallman. I was seeking a specific aesthetic and Ed really wanted a professional grade range in this home. He loves to cook and I support that 100% lol!

Linking the oven HERE!

Our New Hallman Range!

Restoration(ish) Starting with Appliances

We are doing a combination of a renovation/restoration in our 1800s farmhouse, which we refer to as restoration-ish 😉 This can be a tricky balancing act in rooms like kitchens and baths because they simply weren’t part of the house originally. So we are trying to find ways to stay as true to the home as possible aesthetically while taking obvious liberties.

Choosing the Hallman Range

Essentially, our kitchen remodel has started with appliances out of necessity. However, we plan on changing just about everything in this kitchen eventually (cabinets, countertops, flooring, etc) but I knew I wanted our large appliances to be focal points in the room. I wanted them to have the an old world feel. Almost like having beautiful pieces of furniture in the kitchen. And I’ve achieved this with both our Hallman range and our refrigerator, which you can check out HERE.

Originally, I had planned on getting the white Hallman and having our refrigerator painted to match it since it isn’ t offered in white. But once we saw and fell in love with our antique white fridge we decided to make the switch to the antique white range in hopes that it would be a close enough match and we couldn’t be happier with that decision! As I mentioned in the refrigerator article the antique white softens the “everything white” kitchen and adds just the right amount of contrast.

Our New Hallman Range!

Our New Hallman Range!

Our New Hallman Range!

The Hallman Range

The Italian design of the Hallman range is perfection! It’s truly a piece of art! But other features we are loving include the fact that it’s dual convection and comes with some awesome accessory options. The oven has 3 separate burners, which can be controlled individually. We love the rotisserie and have used it at least weekly. It also comes with a griddle for the range, which we’ve loved for cooking weekend breakfasts on. We also got the seam basins and have enjoyed cooking all sorts of things in them! Ps. I’ll be sharing a video of using several of these accessories following this post! 😉

Our New Hallman Range!

Our New Hallman Range

So if you couldn’t tell we’re basically head over heels for this range! Our new Hallman Range has exceeded our expectations in every way! Be sure and check out our Holiday Recipes with the Hallman video HERE!

Happy Holidays!

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