Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator

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I’m so excited to share our new vintage inspired refrigerator with you!! I’ll be honest when we first bought the farm I had a completely different idea for our refrigerator. I was leaning towards a doing a built in look with cabinet panels. But after we moved in, having sold our appliances with the other house, we stuck our authentically vintage garage refrigerator in the kitchen as a temporary solution until we decided what to get.

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Finding the Perfect Refrigerator

The funny thing is once we put it in place I new that it was exactly what the our farmhouse kitchen needed! After some research, including speaking with a couple friends who actually use a vintage refrigerator, I decided against it. It was just too tiny and inefficient.

So I started searching for a new vintage inspired fridge. I came across a handful of options but this Chambers refrigerator checked all our boxes, which included size, style, reviews, and price.

You can find this refrigerator HERE!

Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator

Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator

Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator

Vintage Refrigerator Inspiration

The only thing was I really wanted a white one but they don’t offer white in the bigger option. So I ended up settling for the Champange one with the intention of having Ed’s mom, a professional auto body painter, paint it white to match the oven we had picked out. BUT when we got the refrigerator home I just fell in love with the color!!

And luckily for us the oven we wanted comes in an antique white option so we made the switch! It’s funny how things work out, right? 🙂 And if y’all like the refrigerator just wait till you see the oven!

Inside Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator

Inside Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator

Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator Review

The Chambers is smaller than a traditional refrigerator but honestly it’s just me and Ed here and most of our food has to be bought weekly anyway so we’ve ended up with plenty of room. Plus we have a deep freeze in the basement. But the size would definitely be something to consider if you have a big family.

new vintage refrigerator

Our New Vintage Inspired Refrigerator

I love how the champagne color looks so authentically vintage and how it softens the space against the white cabinetry. We had never purchased an appliance like this before so it felt like a bit of a risk, but it was one I’m SO glad we took! We love our Chambers fridge and hope you do to!

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