Painting the Farmhouse Kitchen 

Hey friend!

I finally painted the farmhouse kitchen! Yep I had never painted this room! Some of it was still bare drywall lol! And even though I technically painted white on top of white a fresh even coat never looked so good! Paint just makes everything better haha!

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White Paint Love!

Y’all know my LOVE for white paint, right?! Well when we bought the farm I went on a mad hunt for that perfect neutral shade of white! And I did find it!

You can see that article HERE!

BUT I found even BETTER ONE!!! It covers WAYYY better and is even less expensive too! I don’t know why I didn’t try any off the shelf pre-mixed whites before but for whatever reason a couple months ago when we were at Home Depot I saw that Behr made a color called Ultra Pure White and it jumped into my cart lol! Best random paint purchase EVER!

You can find a link for it HERE!

New Fav Farmhouse Paint!

Needless to say I’m smitten! This white paint reads very TRUE WHITE to me. No undertones! Again it’s also almost a perfect match to the color I shared in the paint article I linked above that we put on all our moldings and ceilings. And I am loving the white on white!

Painting the Farmhouse Kitchen

Painting White On White

As I mentioned it’s hard to tell in a before and after photo since I am painting a shade of white on another shade of white ha! So I’m sharing a before/during photo and after photo just for fun but you can see the difference in colors in the video! Plus I love watching paint videos so I thought it would be a fun one to document!

Don’t mind the all the dancing lol! What’s painting without music! 😉

Painting the Farmhouse Kitchen

Painting the Farmhouse Kitchen

It’s true that painting the farmhouse kitchen took me a minute to get to but as always I’m glad it worked out the way it did! I ended up finding the perfect white when I wasn’t even looking! Isn’t that always how it goes? Lol! Plus it gave me a fun project to focus on this week that didn’t require me to leave the house for supplies, which is extra important right now.

And even though it’s not super noticeable in photos it feels so nice and crisp and bright in this room now! And dare I even say a little baby step towards looking more finished! We have LOTS planned for this room but paint is magic y’all!

Home has become an even more important place these days and I hope this inspires you to make it a little sweeter for you and your family to enjoy. Stay safe and healthy my friend! And as always thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!

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