Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

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I’m so excited to share all about painting with Fusion Milk Paint today! Why, you ask? I have been a long time user and lover of Fusion Mineral paint! I’ve shared about it before, but I’ve used it to paint furniture, doors, plastic, and even a sink! It requires no prep, has amazing coverage, a little goes a long way, and holds up amazingly! In my opinion it’s the best project paint out there! So when I heard they were rolling out a milk paint line I jumped right on board!

See how I painted our front door with Fusion Mineral Paint HERE!

And check out how I painted our storm door at this house with it HERE!

You can see how I painted the sink in our last bathroom with it HERE!

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Milk Paint by Fusion

Before we jump into some paint projects let me tell ya a little about this milk paint 🙂

  • Easy to mix (1 part water to 1 part milk paint powder)
  • No brush strokes
  • Smooth as silk to chippy chic – Yep that’s right! You can create several types of finishes with this paint!
  • Ultra-durable
  • Won’t chip or peel on porous surfaces
  • Super versatile – use it on furniture, walls, and any interior or exterior applications Zero VOC

What’s no to love right? 🙂

You can check out all their products HERE!

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Milk Painting a Table

The first thing I chose to paint was this little table we have in the kitchen. It’s our favorite coffee spot, but needed a little love! I painted it London Fog which is such a beautiful creamy neutral color! I wanted the table to still have a chippy finish, but since this was my first time using this product I was also curious to see what it would do! I mixed the paint 1 part paint to 1 part powder and gave it 3 coats.

This paint dries fast so by the time I was done with the first coat it was ready for the next! Since I was painting paint over paint that was already chippy but non porous I, in turn, got the chippy look I was hoping for! Yay! I sealed the table top with a clear matte polycrylic.

 Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Eat In Kitchen

You might remember me sharing this little eat in area awhile back. After painting the table I also painted the wall behind it and added DIY window sash dividers to the windows. I’ll be sharing the details on that soon! And we’ll be replacing the kitchen flooring soon too!! Eeeek! It’s coming along slowly but surely!

You can see what this area used to look like HERE!

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Milk Painting a Chest

I found this beautiful antique chest on the Facebook Marketplace. I know you’re surprised by that lol! And my brother was kind enough to go on a little road trip with me to get it! I mean we’re all hard up for any kind of “getting out of the house in a safe way” these days amiright? 😉

So we get there and the chest, to my complete surprise is BLUE! It 100% looked black in the photos that were posted! I loved it when I thought it was black, blue not my cup of tea. But since we’d driven all the way there and the chest itself was still totally awesome, complete with old article clippings and photos glued to the inside of the lid just like on “Little Women” it was coming home with me!

Tractor SupplyLittle Black Dress

I mean after all I needed another project right? Lol! Anyway, I painted it with Little Black Dress. The chest was already naturally distressed. If I painted over the distressed areas and then sanded them back off I’d run the chance of the blue showing back through some too. So I opted to carefully paint around them. Luckily Fusion carries my favorite line of paint brushes too!

You can find the paint brush I used HERE!

It made the job easy! I also wanted this piece to have a smooth finish, no chipping. The chest had been painted but it was very thin and worn off. So all I did prior to painting was wipe it down and the end result after painting was silky smooth!

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Sealing the Chest

Something to keep in mind is that this paint does have a very matte finish. I knew I wanted it to be closer to a satin finish because I wanted to recreate the antique look of it. So after giving it 2 coats and letting it dry completely I sealed it with Fusion hemp oil. They’re hemp oil is also one of my all time favorite ways to seal furniture!

You can find their Hemp Oil HERE!

I love it because it’s all natural, can be used on top of wood or paint, and adds a bit of luster back to them. This made it a perfect fit for the chest and the results were exactly what I was aiming for!

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

Painting with Milk Paint by Fusion

All in all I can say this paint rivals their original formula except that it has endless possibilities when it comes to creating finishes! I love to paint and painting with Milk paint by Fusion makes it extra fun! It’s such a user friendly paint! Plus they have lots of information and helpful tutorials on their site if you get stuck or aren’t sure how to get where you want to go on your painting adventure 😉 I’ll be painting a door with it later this week that I can’t wait to share with ya!

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